Run Picnic with Milo Nutri G

I remember my school days joy of seeing the Milo truck in our school compound. Fast forward, I am still happy and excited each time I see the Milo truck at our races or even events. Adding to my excitement recently was a whole cooler box of the new Milo Nutri G.

For those who follow my Instagram updates, Saturday run picnics is quite the norm when we have something to celebrate. On one of our recent runs, we had a whole ice box of nicely chilled new Milo Nutri G. The excitement is also because this new product by Milo is said to be more wholeseome and filling!
"With a wholesome selection of 4 whole grains: oats, barley, brown rice and wheat, perfectly blended with PROTOMALT®, milk and cocoa for a rich, delicious goodness that will fuel you towards all that you can be."

Done and dusted with our usual Double and Triple Hill options, the bunch of us started our picnic at Lake Gardens. The usual works of the best egg sandwiches by Sifu Terence, sweet and juicy watermelon plus other contributions by fellow runners to fill the tummy. Instead of our regular hot Milo, this time we had yummy bottles of Milo Nutri G. 

Best consumed when its chilled, Milo Nutri G has a thicker consistency to the usual Milo. Shake it well too before consuming. It thick, creamy and very filling. In fact Milo Nutri G is now one of my favourite half way point fuel when I am doing my LSD (long slow distance) since it is available at most petrol kiosk and 7-11s. It fills the tummy and fuels the run effectively. Because it is in liquid form, this is also a perfect post run recovery drink.

Don't take my word for the yumminess. Try it yourself. Of course check out the happy faces of my fellow running buddies!
A whole box of cold goodness. Sedap!
Many folks commented that TPRC serves the best and sweetest watermelon. I happen to agree too but still haven't figured out how Sifu Terence chooses them. Someone brought donuts this round. Some had some yummy custard filling too. 
Best egg sandwiches in KL.
Milo Nutri G happy faces
Ever wondered what the last hole in some of our running shoes are for? Sifu Terence explained and demonstrated how it is used.

There was a roadshow over the weekend too. I popped by after my run to get more Milo Nutri G. Hehehe. Here's my jump and my Instagram pic. Whenever the Milo Nutri G meter hit its mark, 100 bottles of MILO Nutri G was given out to the public. Keep an eye for the enxt road show or updates by the folks at Milo on their Facebook page
Jumppppp. Just realised that my skirt is almost the same colour as Milo. 
FREE Milo Nutri G at the road show
Can I have the big bottle of Milo Nutri G please?
Someone posing with his free bottle of Milo Nutri G during the road show at Fahrenheit 88
Milo Nutri G is available at most petrol kiosk and 7-11s. Richer, thicker and definitely yummy Milo goodness in ever bottle. Grab yours today!

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