Tian Xiang Hui Wei @ Pudu

There's plenty of steamboat eateries all over. Diners either opt for variety or quality. I personally like quality steamboat meals because its soupy but I also don't like it when it leaves me thirsty after the meal (an obvious sign of too salty or too much MSG). A new favourite for me these days is Tian Xiang Hui Wei in Pudu because it serves a good and healthy soup plus there's lots of fresh ingredients on the menu.

While Tian Xiang Hui Wei seemed new to me, my mum in law told me that this place has been around for many years. In fact, its one of the regular favourites that she and her high school classmates visit for their reunion gatherings.

The soups are straightforward - original or hot chili. Both are made with a lot of ingredients and we are actually looking at 68 types of ingredients including herbs and old chicken for the original soup. The ingredients are then cooked on low fire for 72 hours. If you like spicy or hot soup, then the hot chili version here is a must. Its not the hot spicy that you end up with a numbed tongue or a tummy ache the next day. The ingredients are simple - garlic and dried chili (without seed) are cooked for 6 hours to extract the chili oil. Priced at RM35 (large) and RM30 (small).
The soups were tasty and we pretty much finish the soups yet we did not thirst like we normally would at other steamboat restaurants. Impressive!

Just as good as the soups are the Tian Xiang Tea. The soups are MSG free and not heaty but that does not mean that our body has not accumulated heatiness and "toxins" from our other meals. This tea is is caffeine free and brewed from herbs and flowers. Unsweetened but it has a natural mild sweetness for a final after taste. It also promotes good sleep - which I testify that it really works because all of us had a deep good night that night!

The menu is varied and can prove to be a task to choose what to eat. The solution? Go with a bunch of friends so that you can try everything! Here's what 3 of use managed to I said the menu is huge so yes, I will be back again!
Soups are brought to a boil and we will "toss" our chosen ingredients in.
Jade Cabbage RM16. Crunchy and sweet, it adds additional sweetness to the soup. If you like soft, then cook it a little longer. I personally like it with a little crunch.    
Pumpkin RM14. Yes pumpkin is served and eaten with the skin too. The skin is really power packed with nutrition. To make it palatable, Tian Xiang Hui Wei chooses only quality pumpkins. Sweat creaminess almost like butternut pumpkin!
Black Fungus RM13. Add a little crunch to your steamboat. These humble black fungus are also believed to aid in unclogging the arteries and reducing cholesterol. 
Taiwan Seafood Wrap RM33. Seafood goodness including prawn, fish paste and vegetables wrapped in Chinese cabbage.
Prawn Mesh Glue RM25. The name sounds funny (I reckon must the menu designers could have used Google Translate) but its really a luxurious paste made from prawn meat. Made fresh in house without additional flour for that lovely fresh chew. Its cooked when it floats.
Mongolian Wrap RM25 (for 6) and Fish Egg Ball RM25 (for 6). These might look like normal balls but they are not. Each of these balls are filled with different ingredients.
Its mince pork inside these Mongolian Wrap.
Fish Egg Ball as the name suggest is filled witha generous serving of fish roe.
Cereal Beef RM56. I know I know...the names are hillarious but what matters most is they taste good. Fresh slices of grain fed beef. These are good cuts so don't overcook them! 
Pork Belly RM25. No steamboat is complete without pork!
Hand Pulled Noodle RM14. Homemade noodles for some carbs. These noodles take a longer time to cook compared to regular noodles and is slightly chewy. Lovely with both soups though I personally like it better with the spicy soup.

And if you want something to eat while waiting for the steamboat items to cook, there's quite a bit of ready items that kitchen can cook for you. Take your pick of Taiwanese delicacies like goose, bitter tea chicken, duck wings etc. We had 2 fried items. Though I am not a big fan of fried items, these 2 items were simply delightful. I could not and did not stop on the first piece.
Shrimp Patties RM38. Addictive deep fried shrimp patties made with only prawn paste and lightly battered before being fried.
Fried Baiyu Beancurd RM30. Crispy on the outside, airy inside before your teeth touches the soft rich tofu filling.
The Fried Baiyu Beancurd is utterly delicious and highly recommended!

Tian Xiang Hui Wei desserts is a little disheartening. I was personally hoping for some housemade Taiwanese desserts. Nevertheless the commercial options that they had to offer were quite tasty. We had the Pumpkin Cheese Roll RM18.50 (a box of 6 pieces). Eat it while its still chilled. Not too sweet mochi like skin with a creamy sweet filling of pumpkin and cheese.

Luxurious and quality steamboat awaits you at Tian Xiang Hui Wei. To get the best out of your meal and Ringgit, remember to make your reservations via Alternatively, download the Offpeak app for your Android or iOs devices and you can make your reservation to enjoy discounts up to 40% off your meal! Discounts are available for the following 4 outlets:
No. 290, Jalan Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2143 8168
Unit B-08-02, (2nd Floor)
Block B, Sunway Giza Mall
No: 2, Jalan PJU 5/14
PJU 5 Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
T: +603 6148 2268
D-1-57, 58 & 59
IOI Boulevard
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47170 Puchong
T: +603 8082 2168
27-29, Jalan Kasuarina 2
KS/7, Bandar Botanic (Ambang Botanic)
T: +603 3325 1799 
Pudu branch - along a busy road but there's a car park smack beside the restaurant.

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