Bagan Hailam Lagoon Seafood

If you seek a drive and some good food, then head on to Bagan Hailam in Klang. There are a quite many restaurants to choose from both halal and non halal. A personal favourite is Bagan Hailam Seafood Restaurant at the Bagan Hailam village itself that I personally like because of the simple dishes and more so it is still cooked by a Hainanese grandma herself.

Come early and enjoy your meal while the skies turn dark. Of course if you come when it is dark, you can always dine under the stars. We arrived at 630pm and had a good time chatting over our dinner.

Bagan Hailam is an old fishing village. Have fun snapping away while waiting for your dinner.
Dine outdoors to enjoy the gentle breeze.
Some lights and these are not the stars that I am referring too!

When visiting a seafood village, of course one goes for seafood dishes. While I was tempted to order them in the usual popular preparations, I wanted something that the cook herself personally liked. So after some discussion, we had a meal of 5 dishes between the 3 of us. It was a simple feast that was memorable and I am definitely looking forward to returning for more good food here.
Hailam Noodle unlike the usual dark soy sauce versions that we normally find in town. Yellow egg noodles cooked with some prawns, squid, fish cake. Tasty on its own and a squeeze of the calamansi for more ooomph. A simple dish but it is utterly delicious.
Stir fried 'fan si yip' tapioca leaves with sambal belacan. Very young shoots so it was not fibrous. Not too oily too!
Pomfret with meehoon (rice vermicelli) in a very appetising broth of salted vegetables, tomatoes, spring onions and tofu with a little hint of pepper. The fish is fresh (helloooooooo....we are eating in a fishing village) and cooked just right. Utterly delicious that we ate everything and slurped up all the soupy goodness leaving only the fish bone.
Simplicity at its best!
Prawn mantis cooked in lots of salted egg. Operative word is "lots" because every piece of prawn to thoroughly coated. Slightly crunchy outside and soft juicy inside. A lovely blend of salty, creamy and sweet goodness of the prawns. Highly addictive and I recommend that you order a large portion if you love prawns and salted eggs.
The highlight for the night was the salt steamed crabs. No frills just plain goodness of crabs with some salt. Finger and shell licking good!

2 crabs came with roe. Perfect because the hubster does not fancy crab roe!

Juicy crabby goodness:D

There are also the usual preparations of chili crab or black pepper crab etc or the more common seafood dishes in other places. However if you like food in simple but tasty preparations, do give the above items a try. Some times, simplicity is really the best.

Food at Bagan Hailam Lagoon Seafood is cooked by the old grandma herself. Just plain good old fashion cooking straight from the wok to the plate without any fancy sauces. No time is wasted on garnishing. This should explain why we have the company of regular locals i.e. Klang folks. Price is fair and I certainly don't mind returning soon for more good food. For sure I will be ordering the 2 noodles again!
RM168.90 for an evening under the stars.
My dinner buddies: car kaki, makan kaki and Klang boy Poh with the hubster and our furkid Shalom.

Bagan Hailam Lagoon Seafood 
23, Bagan Hailam,
Port Klang, 
Klang, Selangor.
Directions: Set your GPS or Waze for Jalan Bagan Hailam and once you arrive, you will see the large signboard for Bagan Hailam Lagoon Seafood. Park your car at the open car park and walk through the platform.

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