Bring SCKLM Back To October 4: Stop Politicising Sporting Events

#SCKLM2015 has been postponed to Saturday 10th October. Strange but yes it is true. The running community demands that the date for SCKLM be changed back to its original date of Sunday 4th October 2015.
Make your way to Lake Gardens on Wednesday 15 July 8am at the playground behind the Royal Lake Club. A press conference will be held by MP for Serdang, Dr Ong Kian Ming (also a runner himself), to address and ask that SCKLM be held on its original date.
While I have managed to secure changes for my hotel stay for a business trip on the weekend of 10th October, not all are able to do so. That being said, I will have to pay the airline a fee to change the flight dates. While all these are inconvenient and unnecessary expenses are incurred, what irks me most is that I see a sport being manipulated by a minister, politicians and probably a whole load of people who stand to benefit from the change of race date.

In my humble opinion, it is a mockery of sportsmanship and a clear show of how our much favoured Minister of Sports (and his team) has manipulated this race for their own benefit. While National Sports Day sounds good and why inconvenient all runners? It is not just Malaysians who are affected. SCKLM is a recognised and much anticipated run by even the foreign runners. The whole shenanigan is now an international mockery. It doesn't end with just will definitely be affecting tourism too.

So dear Minister of Sports KJ...reconsider your Ministry's decision of "arm twisting" the organisers of SCKLM of changing the race date to Saturday 10 October 2015. 

For all runners and concerned individuals irregardless whether you are running SCKLM or not, I ask that you attend the press conference at Lake Gardens. For more information:

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