Flying Business Class with Malaysia Airlines

It has been some time that I flew Business Class. On a recent short trip to London to meet up with fellow runner Charlie @ The Runner Beans and also to explore London over a weekend, I had the opportunity to fly Business Class with our national carrier Malaysia Airlines and was rewarded with a Porsche!

OK...its not a Porsche as in a car but heck...Malaysia Airlines did give me a little Porsche. Read on to know what it is.

I will have to story a little more from the start and not just share about my experience with flying Business Class because the folks I dealt with have shown me they are all working hard to make sure that every flight experience with Malaysia Airlines is positively memorable. So bear with my slightly long winded start to the post.

One of my favourite reasons to  fly with Malaysia Airlines is I can always check in my luggage at KL Sentral. Love the fact that I didn't have to lug my luggage bag onto the ERL and then up to the Departure Hall at KLIA. When I fly Malaysia Airlines everything is done within 200 steps from the time I step out of the car.

On this one occasion, for strange reasons I was unable to check in for my flight. Ooops, what went wrong? I tried both web and mobile check in but I guess I was too excited about my trip to read the 'pop up' message that appeared. I was a bit worried and the nice gentleman who was working at the check in counter explained to me that my flight to London was a code share flight which I had to 'check in' in person at the airport (KLIA) or KL Sentral. I must have looked really blur and he was kind enough to show me the 'pop up' message that actually appeared on my mobile phone. Gah...silly me.

My adventure takes another slight glitch. The name on my e-ticket is Evelyn Ang Loo rather than my maiden name Evelyn Ang XXX XXX. I guess the ticketing agent must have booked under my usual sign off instead of my birth and passport name. Honestly, I was getting a tad worried but I was directed to swing by to the ticketing office in KL Sentral (beside the drop off and check in area) to have it all sorted out. The moment I walked in, I was greeted cheerfully by a lady. I explained my predicament and she said 'No worries. We can sort this out for you easily'. Indeed it was all sorted out within 10 minutes by this friendly lady after verifying my documents in hand. And we parted ways with her wishing me 'Have a good time in London' with a broad (and genuine) smile. 

Ticket sorted out and I head off to drop off my luggage. Done and dusted successfully with a 'Happy holiday' parting greeting again. It definitely is a brilliant feel and start to my London getaway despite the earlier 'hiccups'. THANK YOU ground crew at Malaysia Airlines KL Sentral. I apologise I forgot your names but the 2 of you certainly made me glad that I am flying with Malaysia Airlines. to the main post of why I love to fly Business Class with Malaysia Airlines:
ONE - Golden Lounge
I hate the idea of bumming at airports. The wait actually makes me tired. This time around, I am flying Business Class so the wait is nice and comfortable at the Golden Lounge. This place is a cozy haven. Take your pick of sitting by the window with a gorgeous view of aircrafts (if you love aircraft oogling like I do) and one can easily grab a meal or catch up with some news and magazines. And if you fancy a spa, there's always Ayer Spa! There are also 4 day beds and shower facilities should one need to freshen up and recharge with a short sleep.
Golden Lounge @ KLIA comes with FREE wifi. Decent speed that allowed me to check my mails Facebook and upload my pics onto Instagram.
Grab a table and choose from a good selection of food and drinks. There's always local favourites of nasi lemak and rendang. Of course one can also opt to go Western with the Rise & Shine deli that serves a wide selection of pastries, bread, soups, salads and dessert. The Noodle Bar whips out noodles upon request including wantan mee. Drinks include the Bistro Bar that serves gourmet coffee (complete with coffee art), tea and juices. There is also a bar for alcoholic drinks.
The sections are cozy. Take your pick of whether you prefer warm lighting or cool lighting.
The Golden Lounge is Heathrow is at Terminal 4 and right beside Gate 6. One can literally sit till your flight is called. 
A view by the window while I had my snacks and champagne before boarding my flight home.
Light nibbles and a glass of champagne

TWO: Roomy A380 Business Class Cabin
The Business Class for Malaysia Airlines is on the upper deck. A total of 66 seats in 2‐2‐2 seat formation making it roomier and easier to move around even if one needs frequent visits to the toilet or a walkabout to stretch the legs. And if you travel with your handbag, laptop bag and basically travel with your dragon and coat, storage space is essential. When flying Business Class with Malaysia Airlines, one has their own personal items stowage. If you take the window seats you have it above you, in front of you and beside you. 
Plenty of room along the aisle that even when the food trolley moves by, one won't get knocked at the elbows.
The seats are angled lie-flat. Perfect for long flights when one needs some sleep especially when its a good 13 hours and 40 minutes flight from Kuala Lumpur to London.  One can lay it almost flat (183cm or 72 inches) for a good sleep or have the back slightly raised (whatever formation you like) for you to read, catch a movie or even work. 
Here, I have my legs all stretched out and catching a movie. I am not the only one because the passenger beside me was also doing the same:P

THREE: Home away from home
When one travels, undoubtedly one will be missing home to a certain extent. For me I miss my comfy bed but that is pretty much sorted out with the comfy seats that transformed easily into a bed that I managed to sleep on both occasions soundly and comfortably with pillows, blanket and duvet provided. Take advantage of the massage function on the chair. It does lil wonders for the back!

However, the true home away from away is felt with the friendly crew. There are 66 passengers in Business Class and its really wonderful to be greeted by my first name and I personally was pleased that my name Evelyn was pronounced correctly NOT Everlyn  or Ehverlyn or some other forbidden sounding name but Evelyn.

The uniform of Malaysia Airlines crew is iconic. Batik and kebaya are more than just beautiful or elegant. For me its a reminder of my young days of having a Kakak in her baju batik who took good care of me and did the house chores. And on my flight to London and home, these stewardess (and stewards though they were not in batik) gave me the same warm loving vibes.

Of course the food too! The local menu is delicious and if you have flown Malaysia Airlines, you will agree that they serve very yummy satay. I personally love the chicken satay. Perfectly marinated and grilled to perfection, its good on its own...and even better with the thick kuah kacang (peanut sauce)
You must agree that it looks delicious and yes it does taste even more delicious!
PS: The satay was on Malaysia Airline's menu since 1972. A whopping 43 years of history. 

FOUR: Entertainment and work
When you fly Business Class, you gets your own individual 17-inch IFE screen with a wide screen aspect of 16:9 - perfect for watching movies! And if you are a gamer, you can go ahead and game, game, game and game more! Take your pick of games already loaded into the entertainment section.

Alternatively if you are gaming on your laptop or gadgets, you can game for all 13 hours and 40 minutes if you want because you will not run out of 'juice'. Each seat is equipped with 115VAC PED power supply and USB port to keep one's gadgets all charged. Of course this also means that one can also work without running out of battery or even leaving your laptop to charge elsewhere on the flight.
I love multi tasking, so its movies on the screen in front of me while I played Plants vs Zombies 2 and Candy Crush Soda during my awakening hours.

FIVE: Food and drinks
Its a gastronomical experience on board the Business Class when one flies with Malaysia Airlines. You can always opt for Chef on Call where you pre book your meal from a special menu. I did not check out this option because I wanted to be surprised. Maybe I will do so for my next flight.

Zero complains on the on board menu. I had delicious options of both local, Western and Asian items. There's also plenty of nibbles including fruits, cheese, chocolates, cookies, nuts, sandwiches and more. The drinks menu is equally impressive for both alcoholic and non alcoholic options. Seriously, one can gain serious weight for a flight from Kuala Lumpur to London!
Yochana and I love tomato juice for its antioxidants. It is a must every time we fly! Try out the Malaysia Airline's refreshing signature drink 'Ruby Passion'.
A glass of French Chardonnay before meal time
Grilled prawns with Thai basil lime dressing (Kuala Lumpur to London)
Assorted dimsum. Love the red bean bun and scallop dumpling! (Kuala Lumpur to London)
Hot smoked salmon (London to Kuala Lumpur)
Lemon sole with red capsicum coulis (London to Kuala Lumpur)
Chocolate and hazelnut praline with raspberry sauce (Kuala Lumpur to London)

SIX: Toiletries
I love collecting toiletries. This trip I have a new collection with a hard case toiletry pouch filled with mouth rinse, tooth brush, tooth paste, eye mask, socks, hand sanitiser and the best bits of it were the Acca Kappa Lip Balm and Lotion. And the Porsche I was talking about above is the hard case Porsche Design pouch that turned out to be a perfect fit into my hand carry for my following 2 trips after London! It is a little Porsche never mind it is not a car.

And if you love lux, then the toiletries supplied in the toilets are by Aigner. No wonder all the blokes arrived in London and Kuala Lumpur smelling darn good! Well, the ladies did smell good with the hand lotion by Aigner or the Acca Kappa ones in our toiletry bag!

SEVEN: Departure and arrival
The benefit of flying Business Class with Malaysia Airlines includes dedicated lanes for departure. The queue is shorter! Of course the best part is upon arrival in London, I was ushered into the Fast Track. Took me a mere 10 minutes to clear immigration. Before arrival, the friendly cabin crew will hand you the Fast Track access voucher. 

Malaysia Airlines flies from Kuala Lumpur to London and London to Kuala Lumpur twice a day on the A380. There are 8 seats in the First Class, 66 in Business Class and 420 in Economy. Make your flight reservations on or through your favourite agent.

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The crew on both trips were not pre-informed that I was sponsored by Malaysia Airlines and their service was impressive.  In fact it brought back lots of memories of taking my first flight with them as a student in the 1990s and also my recent Tokyo trip. Kudos to the crew for their dedication! #KeepFlying and make all Malaysians proud.

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