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There are some days that I will feel like a bloated whale or what I call baby elephant days, feeling round but not cute. It is not so much of bloating from pre menstrual cycles but more of the body is just all 'clogged' up, jammed, sluggish, tired easily and almost grumpy. Sounds terrible, right?

A friend gave me a box of Juvanex Sassy some months back. I am familiar with Juvanex for detox purposes but heck, the last thing I wanted to do was to go through a detox programme at the peak season of my training for #GCAM15. She reassured me that Juvanex Sassy was not a detox programme. Neither is it a meal replacement.
Apparently Juvanex Sassy is a 6 day supplement programme that is meant to spring clean our body from within. Did my search on Google and Facebook. This is what I found:
"With a tasty citrus fruits flavor, each bottle of Juvanex sassy is packed with several unique and beneficial nutrients which enable it to effectively replenish the nutrients the body needs to refresh, rejuvenate and rebuild body cells and tissues. Juvanex sassy are able to ease bowel movement, to increase the feeling of fullness, as an aid to meal skipping. Contains 5 key active ingredients: CitriSlim®, Chia seed, Fibersol-2, FOS and Apple cider vinegar."
• Take IN Super Nutrients - Each bottle of Juvanex sassy is packed with several unique and beneficial nutrients which enable it to effectively replenish the nutrients the body needs to refresh, rejuvenate and rebuild body cells and tissues.
• Flush OUT Toxins and Bio-Waste - Fibersol-2 and FOS are soluble fibres, and thus, help to increase bowel movement, ease constipation, cleanse the body of toxins and get rid of bio-waste accumulated through food, air and by-products produced during metabolism.
• Boost UP Energy and Vibrancy - The complementing functions of mini-fasting and Juvanex sassy helps boost your body to achieve a balanced ‘input’ and ‘output’. The result? You will feel vibrant, rejuvenated and more energetic.
6-Days Spring Cleaning Makeover towards a Sassier You! Juvanex sassy Cleanses, Moves, Reboots and Rejuvenates your body towards a healthier more balance you.

And so I embarked on my 6 days with Juvanex Sassy. It is not a meal replacement which meant that I took it in addition to my usual meals. I brought my Juvanex Sassy to office, kept it in my drawer (keeping it in the refrigerator is a good idea if you like cold drinks but I personally prefer my drinks room temperature or slightly chilled) to compliment my lunch.

While Juvanex Sassy is not meant to be a meal replacement, I somehow didn't feel like having my usual lunch after drinking Juvanex Sassy. I felt 'full' and ended up having my usual box of fruits only (either an orange or a bunch of grapes or half a guava). I was eating less for lunch but that did not make me feel less energetic. In fact I still felt energetic enough to pack in my evening runs after work or dinner.

Since it was made up of ingredients that included Chia Seed, Apple Cider vinegar and Fibersol-2, there is definitely some form of increased fibre and 'detox' effect on the body. Nothing major except that my stools were generally softer than usual and lighter in colour.

At the end of the 6 days, I was definitely feeling much lighter (not in terms of weight since the scale still read 44kg) but after the 6 days, the bloatedness did go off. In fact, in the month of May and June, I don't remember bloating as much as I normally do a week before my menses. I am not a scientist or a nutritionist but I do believe that the combination of ingredients in Juvanex Sassy did have a role to nourish the body from within so that the body has the necessary nutrients and energy to remove waste and repair the body. A healthier system from within probably explains why I felt energetic enough to continue with my running programme which I could never do if I were to be doing a regular detox programme.

It also taste good - tangy and refreshing, making it a good alternative to the juices that I sometimes buy from the juice bars. So if you are one of those who buy a bottle of cold pressed juice daily, you might want to give Juvanex Sassy a try for 6 days to nourish and spring clean the body.

Priced at RM68.90 for a pack of 6 bottles, this is one of the best investments I have had so far for my monthly 'supplements'. It is convenient, taste good and certainly worked for me. A delicious  and convenient programme to keep the body as optimum as possible without sacrificing my love for food.
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