Ri-Yakitori Bar @ St Giles The Gardens

If you love Yakitori やきとり,  then a trip to Ri-Yakitori Bar @ St Giles The Gardens, Mid Valley City is a must. Its as authentic as it can get since this place comes recommended by my Japanese pals.

The menu is pretty elaborate and there is something for everyone. Can one make a full meal out of yakitori? Of course it is possible with the wide selection of yakitori at Ri-Yakitori Bar. Of course if you want more than yakitori, the menu here is bound to please. 

On our first visit, it was dinner time. Since I had a race over the weekend, I needed more than just meat. I need a balanced meal complete with carbs to fuel the body. And obviously this means no alcohol and I must say that Ri-Yakitori has a simple but impressive enough selection of whisky and sakes that are perfect with yakitori.

First carb meal is comforting. We opted for ochazuke which is a (very) simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea, dashi, or hot water over cooked rice and topped with choice toppings. bearing in mind that we also ordered quite a bit of yakitori, we opted for something clear and "clean". Kombo Ochazuke came in a bowl of soup, fluffy rice and topped with kelp and coriander. Of course if you like this with more intensity, a little wasabi does the trick though I liked it plain on its own.
Kelp Rice Soup
Clean taste, comforting and I love the  lil rice crackers for that added crunch in every spoonful.

More rice goodness in the form of Mentaiko Onigiri RM21. A compact serving of rice wrapped with seaweed and filled with a generous portion of mentaiko. For those who love Japanese plum, you should also give the ume rice ball RM10 a try.
Might look small but each onigiri is quite filling because rince is compacted into a ball.

A lovely bite of flavours. 
Ri-Yakitori features daily specials. In case you don't see the menu, you can ask the waiters what are the daily specials. Reality, you really don't have to ask them because the folks here are attentive and will inform you of the daily specials or tell you more about the menu even without prompting.
Simple handwritten menu on a blackboard.

No way to ignore the daily specials especially Carpacio Tune Japanese Style RM25. For one I love tuna and two...the price was affordable. A gorgeous cold platter of tuna sashimi with a drizzle of soy sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and hints of vinegar. Highly recommended!
The ocean and garden in a platter.
I bet you are drooling now!

More ocean goodness from the daily special menu in the form of Octopus Marinate in Salad RM30. Marinated octopus served on a bed of lettuce, onions, tomatoes and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. 

Yakitori or simply skewered meat can be fun to eat. Take your pick from the menu or if you find that there is too many to choose from, you can just choose them all or take the platter Assorted Chicken Platter RM42 which includes skin, breast, meatballs, wings and thigh.
All nicely lined up and waiting to be devoured. A simple marinate of salt and grilled till crispy outside while the meat still remains juicy.
Chicken wings
Chicken thigh
Chicken skin. Sinfully good and I absolutely love the juicy goodness in every bite. Perfect with some sake or even cold beer!
Chicken breast
Chicken meatball shaped like a plump sausage with sweet soy sauce. A clear favourite for the hubster!

Yakitori is not limited to meats and innards. There's also vegetables. Lightly grilled and basked in different sauces, this is one simple way to get everyone to tuck in vegetables. We had the leek in soy sauce RM6 and eggplant RM9 made better with a buttery glaze!

Lots of grilled stuff and its time to end the meal on a sweet and cold note. The dessert menu is generally simple with ice cream, sherbet or dorayaki. We opted for a dessert of Wrapped Crepe with Matcha Ice Cream RM15. A pretty plate of light crepe filled with creamy matcha ice cream topped with some golden honey strings for added bite and sweetness. 

If you seek a good yakitori restaurant, then Ri-Yakitori is highly recommended. This place has a lovely view in the evening. Watch the skies turn golden then dark while enjoying your yakitori and drinks instead of trying to brave the evening jams  or for a quiet time after massive shopping at the malls downstairs!

Before you visit Ri-Yakitori, make sure you make your reservation via to enjoy discounts for your meal. Download the app for your mobile phone (available for both iOS and Android users) and your booking is just a few taps on the mobile phone! 

Ri-Yakitori Bar
Level 7, St Giles The Gardens
Grand Hotel and Residences