Random Sunday Drive: KKB and Fraser's Hill

A beach holiday plan got messed up but we chose not to fret. We planned an alternative getaway instead. Tad shorter in distance and duration but nevertheless still quality time spent with the hubster and kiddo Shalom. And so it was a random Sunday drive to Kuala Kubu Bharu and Fraser's Hill.

How to Toast Around the World?

A toast is more than just saying "cheers!". Ee Laine shared the following video on her FB page Angeltini. It is Friday so let's have a toast! What other words do you know for toasting in different cultures?

La Casa @ Verve Shops

Fancy a cozy place with some quirky decors for your next meal? Then head over to La Casa at Verve Suites. Sit indoors if you fancy the air condition which I must say is necessary in vie of the curent hazy conditions or the alfresco dining area is just as good for some sunshine and people / car watching.

Free Ticket Winners: Reebok Spartan Race and SCKLM2015

Last week, I had some FREEBIES for the Reebok Spartan Race and SCKLM2015. THANX for taking part and CONGRAS to the winners. The winners would have already received an email from me with your Codes that will enable you to register.

FREEBIES: 10 SCKLM2015 Running Slots

I have 10 FREE slots for serious runners who want to run SCKLM2015 and will run SCKLM2015 with me on Sunday 4 October 2015. 10 runners will be selected randomly and you will be able to register for the 10km, 21km and 42,195km slots.

An Ichiban Trip To Japan!

Last year I had a short getaway to Japan. A short 3 but amazing days of visiting Tokyo and Yokohama. And if you wonder if it is possible? Yes it is!

Random Ride with the Jaguar XJL

It started off with just another regular weekend of going around eating with the hubster. Since we were going to embark on a 300km food drive trail the next day, I though going around in public a taxi will be nice. Little did I expect one of my rides for the day to be a Jaguar XJL.

Dorsett Shepherds Bush

While Dorsett Shepherds Bush is a relatively new hotel in London, the hotel is quaint in its own way. A mix of heritage, style and contemporary elegance. The building's historic facade is retained while the interiors are given a new life.

Reebok Spartan Race

Want to do something challenging? Then consider the Spartan Race. More than just running, the Spartan Race is a series of obstacle races of varying distance and difficulty ranging from 5km. 

adidas Ultra BOOST Fall / Winter 2015

Malaysia has launched the adidas Fall/Winter 2015 collection of the adidas running shoes ultra BOOST. adidas Ultra BOOST will be available at adidas Sports Performance stores from today @ a retail price of RM650.

Here's the press release from adidas Malaysia. I will be following up be a review of the adidas Ultra BOOST once I resume my training on the road in September.

Kuala Lumpur, 12 August 2015 – adidas Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. today launched the Fall / Winter 2015 collection of the adidas Ultra BOOST running shoes at the first anniversary celebration of The Marathon Shop, an adidas Preferred Running Partner. From the previously released Ultra BOOST in the Spring/Summer 2015 (S/S 2015) collection, adidas has yet again taken running to the next level. Unceasingly revolutionary, the new and improved Ultra BOOST is designed based on the ARAMIS 3D shape and surface measurement to serve as a fully adaptive running experience in any environment. The F/W 2015 Ultra BOOST is the result of meticulous research and design to provide the best running experience possible.
“We take feedback and comments from consumers very seriously. Hence, to continuously deliver the best running and workout distance, the new F/W Ultra BOOST running shoes is built based on various personal experiences gathered from fitness experts and enthusiasts,” said David Wong, Senior Manager, Brand Activation of adidas Malaysia.

Your running experience will never be the same again. adidas is bringing the revolutionary F/W Ultra BOOST running shoes that does not only boost your run, but sustains ENERGY which improves stamina and allows you to go the extra distance. Much thought have been put into constructing this pair of running shoes that is able to appeal to both men and women with diverse requirements for function, adaptability, and feet comfort. While it is a pair of running shoes that take performance beyond normal expectations, innovative masters behind the F/W Ultra BOOST have taken fashion and style equally into consideration to create a design that suit the whole running apparel package.

A pair of running shoes should essentially deliver comfort, flexibility and a significant BOOST to propel you forward. adidas applies BOOST technology that pushes performance and extra ENERGY to not only gain ground, but adapt to various activities ranging from normal intensity workouts to aggressive movements. This time, the F/W Ultra BOOST is specially engineered to accommodate most activities making it a must-have pair of running shoes that furnishes ENERGY BOOST at every angle. From running to rigorous training, adidas is going all out to provide the ultimate workout shoes that offers comfort, has the spring touch and promises great performance for runners and fitness enthusiasts alike.

In this humid weather in Malaysia, the fabric used in the F/W Ultra BOOST works to sustain airiness during long distance running or extended hours of working out. No details are overlooked as adidas has carefully chosen expendable materials that can accommodate different feet structures on various terrains and any orientating movements.

The F/W Ultra BOOST is designed to lift tension off the feet, especially the heels, thus promoting average performance to a level that is outstanding and beyond expectations. adidas’ application of the BOOST technology acts as a vehicle to reach the highest excellence in sports performance for various users achieving different goals.

The running revolution has come, the greatest run ever awaits with the F/W Ultra BOOST at adidas Ultra BOOST will be available at adidas Sports Performance stores from today the retail price of RM650.

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Life is always exciting and fun with AirAsia. Today AirAsia announced 16-time Grammy award winner David Foster to be the new global brand ambassador for  their premium range of products.

Kuala Lumpur Orchid and Bonsai 2015

Perdana Botanical Garden is tops on my list for Malaysian parks. After all it is one of my training grounds every weekend. Making it even better now is the recent renovations and new landscapes with more plants and interesting running paths. And if you have not visited Perdana Botanical Garden for a long time, then make sure you pen it into your must do list especially this week. Of course if you love orchirds and bonsais, a visit this week is a MUST because the Kuala Lumpur Orchid and Bonsai Show (KLOB2015) 2015 is happening until Sunday 16 August 2015.

Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah @ Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz

Ever since my favourite nasi kukus ayam berempah stall moved away, I have been looking for a replacement to satisfy the taste buds. While this stall at Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz serves a different gravy and sambal, it is still tasty enough. A good fix for now until I head over to Kemaman for my all time favourite stall.

Jamie's Italian

On the recent short trip to London, I did look up places to eat near my hotel in Shepherds Bush. Jamie's Italian came up. No need to think further I made up my mind that I must have a few meals there.