An Ichiban Trip To Japan!

Last year I had a short getaway to Japan. A short 3 but amazing days of visiting Tokyo and Yokohama. And if you wonder if it is possible? Yes it is!

In the 3 days, I had covered quite a few places, ate lots of delicious Japanese food, shopped, took the bullet train and even learnt how Kirin beer is made (and of course drank from the brewery - the best thing possible if you love beer).
A bird's eye view of Tokyo.
The view  from Tokyo Tower in the evening. It brilliant and very magical to watch the skies turn golden then dark.
Tokyo Tower
A visit to Tokyo is not complete unless you visit an Izakaya. We were there for dinner and it is an amazing experience dining and savouring the many types of sake. The place is lively and vibrant especially with the laughters and chatters of the office crowds.
A visit to Asakusa is a must. Make sure you visit Sensoji Temple. The area is huge, so take your time to explore and snap away. 
There is plenty to eat, drink and buy at Asakusa. The souvenirs here are awesome and not too expensive. Grab some keychains, dolls or even yukatas. Vendors will offer street food for you to sample and if you like it, then you can buy the full portion.
Tokyo is a shopping paradise! Within the 3 days, I shopped to my heart's delight (and it is actually cheaper to buy skincare and clothes from Tokyo). The 3 spots that I covered are Ueno Market, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Harajuku - bring a bigger bag or an empty luggage bag if you are a shopaholic. I remember carting back loads of face mask, cleansers and snacks for my girlfriends.
Ueno market was one of my fave all in one place. This is one place that had all the yummiest seafood on one street. Oysters, sea urchin, them all and wash it down with sake! Of course, I also love Ueno Market because this is where beauty products like face sheet mask are the cheapest!
Glorious and juicy oysters with sake.
No visit to Tokyo is complete unless one visits Tsukiji Market. Go early and check out the day's fresh arrivals. Of course make sure you have a meal or 2 here too. Do not limit yourself to just eating them. This is also a brilliant place to stock up on dried seafood. I wished that I was able to cart home some sashimi too...
I personally love the fresh and rich flavours of Kirin Beer. Thus the visit to Kirin Yokohama Beer Village was really one of the highlights of my short trip. Learnt how Kirin beer is made and of course taste the goodness of fresh beer from the brewery itself!

My glass of Kirin Ichiban at the brewery itself. The visit also includes opportunity to taste other Kirin options including Kirin Stout. Of course buy more Kirin goodies including Kirin Pretzels, Kirin whisky and unique Kirin souvenirs!

There is a lot more pictures to show but let's just save that for another time. Meanwhile if you want to visit Japan, how does a FREE Ichiban trip to Japan sound to you? Awesome maximus, right? Read on to know how you can win one yourself a 5-day-3-night trip to Japan. 

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That is all so simple and easy. For more information, head on to:

You can read more about my trip to Japan with Kirin Ichiban last year! It was so fun that I am going to take part in the contest too and hopefully win a trip with the hubster. Wish me luck...please!
Kirin Yokohama Beer Village
Spring Valley Pub Brewery @ Yokohama

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