Jamie's Italian

On the recent short trip to London, I did look up places to eat near my hotel in Shepherds Bush. Jamie's Italian came up. No need to think further I made up my mind that I must have a few meals there.

Jamie's Italian was a mere 400 metres from my hotel Dorsett Shepherds Bush but I ended up with running 3.6km because of the brilliant weather. Obviously famished, I was glad that I managed to get a table (it is packed most days) and service was prompt. A seat outdoors in the evening is perfect to catch the skies turn orange and then dark. Perfect for people watching too. Soak in the scents of the herbs and spices that is planted in the boxes and pots on the table.

Food was impressive on my first visit and I made it a point to catch one more dinner there before I flew home. Jamie's Italian is a collaboration between Jamie Oliver and his Italian mentor Italian Chef Gennaro Contaldo. No frills but just plain good food Jamie Oliver style with fresh ingredients with pastas made fresh daily, homely goodness like what the Italians would eat at home. 
A very inviting front. Almost full house but the folks will organise a table based on your head count pretty quickly.
The menu is one page so one would not spend a long time trying to figure out what one wants.  However if you still need to study the menu, grab a glass of wine or 2 first. Jamie’s Italian Prosecco £5.95. Light and a perfect start to my stay in London.
Cured meats @ £6.95 per person. Served on a wooden plank for a lovely rustic feel. Fennel salami, pistachio mortadella, prosciutto and schiacciata piccante served with mini buffalo mozzarella, pecorino and chilli jam, a selection of pickles, olives and crunchy vegetable slaw. Pretty filling for small eaters so if you are thinking of checking out a few items on the menu, I will be dead honest that a single person's serving is good for sharing:P
Jamie's sausage pappardelee £6.95 / 11.95.  A hearty ragù of slow-cooked fennel and free-range pork sausages with incredible Chianti, Parmesan and herby breadcrumbs. I am not a fan of breadcrumbs but this was nice, crunchy and without any oily nuances that I fear most.

I returned to Jamie's before I flew home. This time I grabbed a seat beside the planter box to soak in the fresh herby scents. 
Jamie's Italian has a simple but good selection of wines.  If I didn't have a race in 6 days time, I would have loved to explore a few more glasses. Sauvignon Blanc di Fruili Grave, Tintoretto £5.70. Lively, crisp with a lovely grassy and melon flavours.
Prosciutto and melon  £6.85. Simple pleasures of prosciutto with with mini buffalo mozzarella, melons and basil pesto.
Squid and mussel spaghetti nero £6.95 / 11.95. Squid-ink pasta, flash-fried squid and mussels with slow-cooked, tender octopus, capers, anchovies, tomatoes in white wine. By far the tastiest squid ink pasta I have tasted!
Molten chocolate praline pudding £6.00. Warm chocolate cake with a liquid praline centre, served with salted caramel ice cream and praline. 

2 visits and I yearn for more. Friendly waiters, awesome food, reasonably priced with a lovely ambiance both day and night makes this a must visit. You can also purchase some of Jamie's books and products here. 

Jamie's Italian Sheperd's Bush 
1078, Westfield London,
Westfield Shopping Centre,
Ariel Way, Shepherd's Bush,
London W12 7GB, United Kingdom
T:+44 20 8090 9070