La Casa @ Verve Shops

Fancy a cozy place with some quirky decors for your next meal? Then head over to La Casa at Verve Suites. Sit indoors if you fancy the air condition which I must say is necessary in vie of the curent hazy conditions or the alfresco dining area is just as good for some sunshine and people / car watching.

The menu is a mix of Western and Italian. Please note that some items are not being priced as some of the items were still at testing stage or were plated specifically for our group review purposes. The priced items will be what you will get when you visit La Casa.
I am not surprised if there is quite a crowd that comes by to makan and also start snapping selfies and wefies.
Alfresco - my personal choice
The Westie / Colby caught my direction.  Failed to convince the owner to sell this to me. And if you know where I can buy this, please let me know. Gracias!
Mango, Couscous & Cilantro Salad
A personal favourite for me with a lovely crunch, balance of flavours and perfect for diet days.
Bread to go with olive oil and balsamic vinegar is a good idea while waiting for your food. The breads are good.
Antipasto Platter is recommended with your wines.
Grilled Mixed Fruits Salad
More clean eats from the menu. Pretty platter of assorted lettuce, apples, grapes and edible flowers. Most unfortunate it had papaya and I had to steer clear of it because I am allergic to papayas. The hubster however loved it for the refreshing choice of ingredients. Perfectly paleo.
Oxtail Soup RM26More stew like than sup but it is a hearty dish. Order more bread to soak up the rich soup / gravy.
Turkey Chorizo, Camembert & Honey Sandwich RM26
Simple, delicious and a clear crowd favourite. Ingredients are topped and lightly toasted for for a crisp outside while the cheese is nice and goey. 
Baked Fish Papillote
A parcel of wrapped goodies baked in paper.
Fish, mussels, squid and clams baked in a homemade pomodoro sauce and herbs. I reckon this is should be a star dish here at La Casa and warrants a return for the hubster and I.
Grilled Mixed Sausage RM36
Chicken Confit RM32
Simple can't go wrong well marinated chicken slow cooked. Looks dry but it is actually tender. Served with a hearty mash. Would love to have a bit more sauce to go with the mash.
Ultimate Beef Burger RM32
Homemade beef patty is the star here together with a runny egg for extra oomph the way many Malaysians love their burgers. 
Truffle Garlic Cream Sausage Pasta RM26
Teriyaki Salmon with Spinach RM40
A wholesome and balanced meal. Love the salmon, pan fried just right leaving the flesh still moist and flaky while the skin is crispy.
Duck Confit Pasta RM28
If I have to recommend one dish from La Casa, this will be my favourite. Juicy bites of duck tossed with garlic, tomatoes and some herbs. If you love your pasta al dente, make sure you request for for it to be al dente. Awesome blend of flavours but a tad soft for my liking.
Beef Cheek Bourguignon (French traditional red wine stew)
A hearty meal with mash potatoes and tender beef cheeks. Lovely but it tasted better when I reheated the ones that I doggie back home. Love the thick comforting gravy and for strange reasons that I am not sure why, I think I would love this with some pasta instead of mash.
If you love juices and smoothies, then La Casa has quite a few for you to choose from. The above is a full size serving of Mango, Strawberry, Orange and Banana Smoothie. Other popular ones from our sampling sizes includes Banana Vanilla Milkshake and Grape, Green Apple, Honey & Mint.
Apple Tart RM22

Puff pastry with almond cream and caramel apple topping with vanilla ice-cream.  Eat this fast!  Love the richness of flavours and play of textures. This is another dish I will return to La Casa for.   
Classic waffle with raspberry coulis, Chantilly cream, berry and vanilla ice-cream RM25.
 Lava CakeValrhona Guanaja 70% lava cake with orange confit, raspberry coulis, crumble with vanilla
ice cream RM26.  

End your meal with a coffee or tea or wines. The coffee at La Casa is good. I love my Piccolo Latte and it is good enough for me to call for a 'lim kopi' at La Casa with a few of my pals after our run in the neighbourhood.

La Casa
Ground Floor, Verve Shops,
Verve Suites, Jalan Kiara 5,
Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 6211 8825

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