Random Ride with the Jaguar XJL

It started off with just another regular weekend of going around eating with the hubster. Since we were going to embark on a 300km food drive trail the next day, I though going around in public a taxi will be nice. Little did I expect one of my rides for the day to be a Jaguar XJL.

GrabCar is offering 31% discount off their rides for the month of August. No harm with the additional savings, right? Here's a glance at what sort of savings you can expect.
31% discount off all GrabCar ride until 31st August 2015
New rates for the month of August
It does look like GrabCar is probably the cheapest ride for the month of August. No harm giving them a try if you haven't done so!

And for this month too, GrabCar is offering luxury car rides to its customers from 11 to 29 August. The rides include Jaguar XJL, Porsche Cayenne and the Hummer H3. To enjoy one of these rides, one only needs to book a ride with the GrabCar app and a FREE ride on one of these luxury cars might just be yours. Here's some happy and exciting moments captured with my Jaguar XJL.
A nice fancy ride for my lunch date with the hubster. It was a nice change that he didn't have to endure the jam for my food haunts. Better still, it was a luxurious ride that came to pick us up:D
View from the back. 
The hubster was obviously a happy boy. He didn't have to drive me around. Looking #LikeABoss too.
 (BTW, I do not have a driving license so I technically don't drive at all. Nope, I never had a driving license so I do rely a lot of public transport and being ferried around by pals and family).
Plenty of leg space in the Jaguar for this Miss Shorty. Note the card in front that say "Win a Crysler Limo for a day". I will story you more on it below.
Arriving in a luxurious ride certainly drew some stares. Hehehe.

We rode the Jaguar XJL for this bowl of awesome bowl of curry laksa. Will story you the place for one of our fave curry laksa soon.

The folks at GrabCar also have an ongoing contest. A simple and relatively fun one. The winner gets to win a Chrysler Limo 300 dedicated to them for one entire day! I can imagine the fun of running around all day in a limo with my hubster and of course 4 other pals! And if you want to take part in the simple contest, the mechanics are as follows:
Step 1: Snap a selfie with your favourite luxury car.
Step 2: Upload the photo on your Instagram / Facebook and hashtag #GrabLuxuryCar, #Grabcar and tag @GrabCarMY
Step 3: Tell @GrabCarMY what you would do if you had this car for a day.
Note: Remember to set your Instagram / Facebook profile to public so they may see your posts.
PS: Of course if you win the prize, I would certainly love to join you in your ride. Thanx in advance.
My entry for the contest. What do you think of it?

GrabCar is a product by MyTeksi offering an alternative to the regular taxis. A refreshing change and I am saying this not because this is a sponsored post but it is always nice to ride in a different car every now and then. For more information: 

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