Random Sunday Drive: KKB and Fraser's Hill

A beach holiday plan got messed up but we chose not to fret. We planned an alternative getaway instead. Tad shorter in distance and duration but nevertheless still quality time spent with the hubster and kiddo Shalom. And so it was a random Sunday drive to Kuala Kubu Bharu and Fraser's Hill.

Perfect skies for a Sunday drive. Traffic was kind even though we left home one whole hour later because I wanted to sleep in a little. We initially thought of brekkie in Kuala Kubu Bharu followed by a dip in Sungai Chiling and then home. There was a huge turnout that day so we had to abandon our plans since Shalom was with us and headed up to Fraser's Hill. Revisited the 2 bungalows that we normally stay in Fraser's when we are there with Shalom. Returned to Kuala Lumpur to Raub and Bentong. A long drive but we certainly had fun driving through the twisties and breathing in the fresh air.
Car is set up. Our picnic supplies packed...let's go but first let's have a wefie!
My view most times of the drive because Shalom wants to sit on my lap for a better view.
Awesome traffic and gorgeous weather for a perfect Sunday drive.
One of my fave places for light bites in Kuala Kubu Bharu. The yong tau foo is made by the owners themselves. Simple fare but tasty!
Morning coffee in Kuala Kubu Bharu.
If you love yam cake then these at Kedai Makanan Lee is one of the best that you can get around Malaysia. Chunky piece of yam to add to even more yam in the flour mix, topped with fried shallots and dried shrimps. Awesomeness!
Claypot yee mee with added egg with interesting condiments of mince meat and preserved mustard.  Fried beancurd skin for that added crunch. Equally nice if you opt for meehoon because the combination of yee mee and the ingredients can be a tad salty for some folks since yee mee is naturally salty.
Kedai Makanan Lee is famous for its curry laksa even among the local town folks. Rich creamy goodness but not cloying with a generous serving of chicken, char siew and beancurd. 
While waiting for our food, we took a walk along the adjacent shop lots.  A few units are still homes to the local folks and the facade is still the gold old fashion ones. Pots and boxes of plants along the five foot way and roadside. Some are pretty flowering plants while some are delicious vegetables that look really pretty too. Spring onions, bok choy, screw pine leaves (pandan), lettuce, spinach and a whole lot of assortment.
Pretty quaint tiles on the wall.
Gorgeous and vibrant 'temple flower'.
The crowd at Sg Chiling was too big so we ended up driving straight to Fraser's Hill. We were pretty much the only car driving up and met only 3 other cars coming down the trunk road. Met a few cyclist friends. I must say they are really good to be able to cycle all the way up to Fraser's!
Gone are the days that one has to queue to drive from The Gap to Fraser's Hill. The old road is now a dedicated route up while the new road is for you to head down from Fraser's Hill.
I don't drive so I play around with my handphone while the GoPro does its job for the front view. I am really glad we made the decision to change our soft top to a red one instead of the original black. 
Revisited the bungalows that we normally stay in Fraser's Hill when we visit with Shalom. Had our picnic here instead of Sungai Chiling. Brought back much memories of our BBQ nights in the cold nights at Fraser's. Kiddo was obviously her usual curious self.  Actually took a peek at us before dashing off to explore the garden. 
Nice and misty. It does feel a tad mysterious but really it is just a regular road without any wizards or imps jumping out:P
Serenity is what I love most when in Fraser's Hill.
An equally misty drive down to The Gap.

The route down to The Gap has wider roads making it perfect for folks to pull over to enjoy the view or even bird watching.

No beach holiday but we had our own set of fun in the hills and plenty of greenery for company. Looking forward to another random drive with the hubster and Shalom. Of course, I reckon we all need our beach getaway at Ruby's Resort very soon too!

Kedai Makanan Lee
Jalan Dato Tabal
44000 Ampang Pechah
Kuala Kubu Bharu

Full set of pics in the album Random Drives: KL-KKB-Fraser'sHill. THANX for reading. Do also head over to the following channels to socialise!