Electric Run 2015

While I enjoy long runs and races, short ones like the recent Electric Run™ 2015 presented by Shell FuelSave is just as fun. Nothing challenging but just good pure fun with lots of good music, good eats, plenty of drinks to keep us all hydrated and of course lots of fancy lights. Yes, let's also not forget the energetic concerts at the end of the night.

It was still hazy then but it did nothing to dampen the spirits of the participants. The weather was considerably cooler in the evening after an afternoon rain and the Turf Club was considerably cooler too with all the trees. Participants were all flagged off in waves. Plenty to do while one was waiting to be flagged off. One could feast on a good selection of food and drinks. Hey! The importance of fuelling and hydration for our body is the same as making sure that we use the right fuel, lubricants and tyres for our car!
A huge crowd of 10K flagged off in orderly waves.
Colourful and loads of fun.
Can you spot me?

It was a night run and coupled with lights, folks were all armed with glow sticks and reflective apparels. Some even had their faces and body painted in neon paints. Quite an energetic sight to draw in.
A pretty little ballerina with sparkling lights.
Another pretty little gal all dressed up for an electrifying fun Electric Run.
Can I paint your face ChehCheh?

Face painting by the professionals.

While waiting, one could busy oneself with snapping pictures or dancing away to the brilliant selection of music. Almost a party with a run built in. And even if one walked (like I did), I was sweating buckets!

This being a fun run of 5km, I am personally impressed with the entire set up. There was water stations set up along the run route.  Glow in the dark cups were set up, water amount just right so that there is no spillage and there were even volunteers to help hand out the drinks. Medical aid was also available and I noted marshalls patrolling ensuring that things were orderly and the participants were safe.
Medical station
I love these fluorescent cups. Do you know where I can buy them?
Drink up and hydrate well in every run.

The whole route featured different themes. Music was played throughout the route and the volume was toned down nearer to the stables. Though I can't say the same for the participants who resorted to screaming and howling at the tunnels which was relatively close to some stables.
colourful arches
wefie with the hubster at our favourite feature - the colourful arches
floating umbrellas

And again this being only a 5km fun run, I was surprised to see a mock up of Shell's deli2go being set up near KM4. Runners were kept hydrated and fuelled with yummy cold Milo and Red Bull. Of course when we ended there was more deli2go serving up yummy food including ice creams.

I love the finish line. A very efficient line with cheery crew manning it. Runners were given water, isotonic and medals weren't just plainly handed out. It came with a smile and "Congratulations". Awesome feel good feeling.
Some ran. Some walked. Old and young. 
Everyone's smiling. Volunteers and participants!

For those who opted to chill or wait for their other friends who are still running, there was even a concert. Quite an amazing line up including Enterprise, Paperplane Pursuit and Kyoto Protocol.

The Electric Run 2015 certainly did wonders to cheer up the participants. The haze was depressing but I am sure no one felt depressed after the run. It was all good fun and an amazing Saturday night! If you have missed it, then make sure you keep your eyes opened for the enxt Electric Run. Here's a short video for you to feel the energetic night.

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