Malaysia’s 1st Kirin Ichiban Beer Garden

Kirin Ichiban Beer Garden's comes your way from 1st – 10th October 2015. Brought to you by the folks at Kirin Ichiban Malaysia.

The Kirin Ichiban Beer Garden is open to public from 5pm – 12am for 10 days at The Square, Publika. Enjoy the best of Japan’s purest beer in 2 forms; the refreshing Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer, and the authentic and purest Kirin Ichiban Draught. Literally enjoy the very same Kirin Ichiban experience that the Japanese enjoy but smack in Malaysia itself.

After my amazing experience in Japan last year that included visit Kirin brewery, I am totally excited to check out and relive my Kirin Ichiban experience in this Kirin Ichiban Beer Garden. Beer and Japanese enthusiasts are encouraged to experience the Japanese drinking culture and learn more about the unique first-press brewing method behind Japan’s No.1 100% Malt Beer. Drinkers will also be able to experience pouring their own Kirin Ichiban Draught and Frozen Beer. 

So lock your calendar for 1st – 10th October 2015! For more information, visit

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