What the Kluang Girl Loves at Rail Canteen

Some problems are great! On our maiden visit to Rail Canteen, I was at a lost of what I really wanted to eat. Being a Kluang Girl, part of Rail Canteen's menu brought back fond memories of living in Kluang town and enjoying all the good but simple fare of nasi lemak, mee siam, toast, eggs and of course coffee at the Kluang Railway Station. It does not help that the menu also includes new items like Hainanese Chicken Chop, Mee Rebus, Curry Mee and assortment of other equally delicious looking and sounding items. One stomach and so much to choose from - it is definitely a problem but a good problem. Solution is also easy and good - to return to try out the other items!

Having spent almost 18 years in Kluang, no doubt my expectations of Rail Canteen was high. Call me a Kluang snob, but I made it clear that being a Kluang girl I was going to be fussy. And well...Rail Canteen did live up to expectations and plans were made on the spot for me to return with Daddy dearest (which I did...maybe I will write about it one fine day). But here's some of my favourites from my first visit - they were so good that I ordered the same when I visited with Daddy. of course that means I need to revisit very soon again so that I can check out the other items.
Kluang is famous for their coffee. Some like it black. Some like it white. I like them both but the hot black coffee was the way I remember it to be. What goes into a good cup of Kluang coffee is not just the beans. It takes a great deal of work from choosing the beans, roasting them and even the art of brewing it isn't just about adding water to the ground coffee. There is a certain number of cycles that the coffee grounds can be used and from the 2 visits, I think they have it close to Kluang railway station during the time when I was still a student in Kluang and one of my teachers Mr Lim sometimes made me my coffee:D
2 types of toast - the round ones or the square ones. I like these round ones RM3.50 better. They are fluffier too. A must for me is butter and kaya. Thick slabs of butter and enjoy each bite of rich, savoury adn sweet goodness of the warm toast. 
Generous portions of kaya (coconut jam) and butter. It is quite a messy affair sometimes but there is nothing to fret...lick it all up from your fingers:D 
The traditional nasi lemak back home then were simple nasi lemak bungkus - nasi lemak wrapped in little pyramids. I wished that Rail Canteen offered them in bungkus form...but even though in a plated and bigger portion, these were delicious. Reasonable portion of fluffy rice cooked in coconut milk served with ikan bilis, peanuts, cucumber, hard boiled egg and sambal makes this a delightful meal all day long. Of course to add variety, the folks at Rail Canteen also offer the nasi lemak with options of other dishes. This fried spiced chicken (ayam goreng berempah) with nasi lemak RM12.60 is highly recommended. In fact if you love nasi lemak in this form, then this is a must at Rail Canteen. I am not being prejudiced but I think this one gives the shop at DU a good run for their money.
Rail Canteen has 5 types of sambal options. My favourite is the prawn sambal. Spicy with the natural sweetness of the prawns. Sedap gempak!
The railway station in Kluang also served mee siam. Of course it was just mee siam in a pyramid packet with sambal and sliced omelette. Rail Canteen serves it in a plate with changes being the serve hard boiled egg RM6.50. No complains whatsoever. It is just as tasty as I remember growing up eating mee siam at the railway station.

Something that never appeared at the railway station back then but is offered by Rail Canteen is the mee rebus RM11.50. Someone complained that the mee rebus lacked gravy. Sorry but that is how Kluang mee rebus is. The gravy for Johor or even Kluang mee rebus is thick and flavourful so it perfectly coats every strand of noodle and condiments. In fact the folks at Rail Canteen are already serving it with more gravy to cater to customers' request. A squeeze of lime or 2 adds more zing to this noodle. 

So there you go...toast, eggs, coffee, nasi lemak, mee siam, fried spiced chicken and mee rebus. That is what Missyblurkit the Kluang girl loves most at Rail Canteen. Good food memories from my childhood!
A simple but happy meal at Rail Canteen - coffee, soft boiled eggs (perfectly runny yellow) and toasted bun with butter and kaya. The art to eating it, is to dunk the bread into the egg which has a dash of soy sauce and pepper in it. 
Dunk the bread into the egg mix. Take a is fun and delicious!
For a taste of Kluang Railway Station, head on to Rail Canteen. The menu is varied enough to suit both old and young so no worries making it the next makan place for the whole family or even for yumcha with friends.
Rail Canteen 
Unit D-GF-02,
Sunway Nexis,
Jalan PJU 5/2,
47810 Petaling Jaya, 
T: +603 6150 1802

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