2ndskin Virtual Run Challenge 2016

I love running and a nice kick start to the new year is of course with a run. The folks at 2ndskin have announced a new run taking place on Friday 1st of January 2016 at 0000hrs with 2NDSKIN Virtual Run Challenge 2016.
I expect it being a nice roll over from a countdown followed by a run! And of course the beauty of this run is that it is a virtual run so runners from around the world can all join in the run wherever they are. The 2NDSKIN Virtual Run Challenge 2016 that will take place between 0000hrs on Friday 1st January 2016 to 2359hrs on Sunday 3rd January 2016. Excited? 

Bear in mind that 2NDSKIN Virtual Run Challenge 2016 is NOT a race. It is only meant to encourage runners and just about anyone to get their ass of the couch. It is meant to encourage everyone to kick start the 2016 on a good, healthy and active note. Plus it is also a good reason to don 2nd Skin's Vaporlite running tees which are awesome maximus.
Check out the following information and I must say a pretty idiot proof FAQ too!
• Head on over to Purchase the Virtual Run Challenge 2016 Shirt and you are automatically registered for the Challenge. Your Virtual Run Challenge 2016 Shirt and a goodie pack will be posted to you by the last week of December 2015 or to be collected at a venue to be determined, in time for the Virtual Run Challenge that starts on 1st January 2016.
• Between 1st January 2016, 0000hrs and 3rd January 2016, 2359hrs, put on the Virtual Run Challenge 2016 Shirt and head out the door to complete a run of 10km or a minimum of 1:00hour. You can walk, jog, run, hike (and even moonwalk!); but no skates, rollerblades, scooters or bicycles are allowed. Complete your run anywhere you wish, be it in your own neighbourhood, with a running group in training, in an official race, on the treadmill or in the trails.
• Once you have completed your run, take a photo and post to INSTAGRAM with your personal description of your run, tag @2ndskinasia and hashtag #2ndskinchallenge. Post your photo within 48 hours of completing your run. The dateline for photo submission will be 2359hours on 5th January 2016. Remember to follow @2ndskinasia on Instagram and set your account to public otherwise they will not be able to view your photo. Your photo must include the following 3 elements:
(i) The Virtual Run Challenge 2016 Shirt
(ii) The Virtual Run Challenge 2016 Run Bib
(iii)Your distance of 10km or timing of 1:00 hour completed
Your Virtual Run Challenge 2016 medal commemorating your achievement will be posted to you in the mail before the 18th of January 2016. Congratulations, you have taken on the challenge by the horns and pulled it off!
When you sign up, you have a good fun running and a whole lot of goodies too:
• Limited Edition 2ndskin Virtual Run Challenge 2016 Vaporlite Running Shirt (Specific male and female design and fit)
• Runners surprise goodie pack
• Limited Edition Virtual Run Challenge 2016 Medal (for those who complete the challenge and update their results)
• Special prizes for outstanding achievements during the challenge (more updates will be shared in the lead up to the challenge)
• A great fitness start to the new year! (This is a bonus!)

Some FAQs:
1. I don’t have a GPS Watch, running app, or even a smartphone. How do I track my distance completed to prove I did the challenge?
This is the reason why the challenge is either a completion of 10km or 1:00hour of running. We trust you would have at least a watch that has a stopwatch function or a classic phone with a timer function. If all else fails, take a before and after photo of the time on your watch and yourself sweating buckets and @2ndskinasia trust you enough that they will send the achievement medal to you.
2. What if the weather is so bad that I can’t head outdoors for a run? You know, tornadoes, hail, fireballs from the sky and god forbid, the Haze!
Ahhh, that got @2ndskinasia stunned for a while, but they suggest you get access to a gym for the dreadmill. If that’s not an option, and you can’t even get out of the house, we say just run up and down the staircase, from your bed to the kitchen (you need to refuel too!) and round and round the living room. Keep at it for an hour and voila, you’re done!
3. I’m a serious runner. Like really serious. What if I want to run more than once over the 3 day challenge?
You are more than welcome to run multiple times and post multiple updates of your run completion over the 3 days of the Virtual Run Challenge 2016. Just remember all the 3 elements in the photo so that @2ndskinasia can track your achievement. You never know, you might just be in the running to win a special prize if you manage to accumulate the highest total mileage over 3 days. Ooops! I think they let the cat out of the bag?
4. Uh, wait. You mentioned run multiple times. Does that mean that every run has to be a minimum of 10km or 1 hour? I know I said I’m serious, but you know, not thaaaaat serious!
@2ndskinasia totally get you there! The folks at @2ndskinasia are serious runners too, but well yeah, 10km everyday may be a tad too much for them too. So what they are looking at is the minimum of 10km or 1 hour at least ONCE over the 3 days challenge, and any other distance or timing you would like to run and post on INSTAGRAM and hashtag #2ndskinchallenge. @2ndskinasia will total up your 3 days mileage for your challenge total.
5. I’m not into social media and don’t use INSTAGRAM. How do I prove I completed the challenge?
Well, they do suggest that you signup for INSTAGRAM and go through the motions of taking the photo and hash tagging #2ndskinchallenge; but then again, @2ndskinasia is not into the business of forcing people to do something that they don’t want to. Yeap, they’re flexible like that!
What you can do alternatively, is to email your photo to them at and you will still get your medal in the postbox. NOTE that they will reserve the right to post your photo on their Virtual Run Challenge 2016 Photo Album on Facebook.
6. My INSTAGRAM username is not my real name. How do you know who I am (and who to post the medal to) if I just post the completion photo and hashtag #2ndskinchallenge?
This is the reason why @2ndskinasia mentioned there has to be 3 elements present in your photo. The Virtual Run Challenge Shirt is to prove that you are registered for the challenge. The Virtual Run Bib is for them to track their records as to who you are (yes, no secret identity anymore!) and the completion distance/timing to earn your medal.
7. I love the Virtual Run Challenge 2016 Shirt so so so much! Can I wear it to my next race?
Always remember one thing. 2ndskin shirts don’t like to stay in your cupboard. They love the sun, the rain and getting jealous stares from other running shirts. So go ahead, put it on and run your heart out!
8. I heard you mentioned challenge prizes? What are the challenges and how can I win them? I really really wanna win something!!
Oh Yeah!!! @2ndskinasia has many exciting prizes to be given away, courtesy of their collaboration partners, Garmin Malaysia, Skechers Malaysia, Hammer Nutrition, Kraftfit Compression, Lifeline ID and of course 2ndskin’s awesome shirts! @2ndskinasia will announce the nature of the challenges along the way, but rest assured that runners from all levels of fitness will have an opportunity to win something! How to increase your chances, you ask? Remember to follow their partners on their Instagram as below and tag/hashtag them in your photos too!
9. I can’t think of any more questions to ask for now, but you know I might have something pop up in my mind after my 2nd cup of coffee. Who can I contact to get some answers then?
@2ndskinasia has a dedicated email contact setup which is and they will endeavour to reply all your queries within 24 hours.
I trust that everything is nice and clear. Let's make a date and run together in 2016 to kick start the brand new year. Head on to to sign up NOW!

THANX for reading. Do also pop by to the following channels to socialise!