Cres Wellness: Reversal 24 Therapy

I am now 42 years old. Spend lots of time outdoors, guilty of not sleeping enough, a lazy girl when it comes to her beauty regime. Not the best of things especially when one doesn’t mind having better skin elasticity, less fine lines, firmer and clearer skin. New in the market and perhaps a solution folks like me is Cres Wellness’s Reversal 24 Therapy.

Reversal 24 Therapy is specially formulated for those facing aging skin which comes along with sagging skin, fine lines and dull skin. It promises to restore skin elasticity, reduces lines, wrinkles, increase firmness within a month of usage. Sounds fabulous!

So I found myself making and appointment for a Reversal 24 Therapy session at Cres Wellness. A confession that this is perhaps my second facial for 2015 with the last being on my birthday month of April. Much needed facial. Must needed pampering too.

The visit starts off with a consultation over a cup of tea. As I have not had a facial for the longest time, a skin test with a machine is also conducted. A few quick snap of pics with my eyes closed, a few minutes of analysis and the results are ready. My skin is obviously dehydrated. Long hours training under the sun has resulted in obvious skin spots and skin tags. Amazingly, this reveals that below my dermis, there’s also some more spots waiting to pop up though they seem pretty good for now. Perhaps my daily regimen of must use sunscreen before I leave home is paying off. However, I need to be more consistent with my overall skincare regime. Till I sort myself out, let’s just head in for the Reversal 24 Therapy and see what it can do for me.
A state of the art machine to examine our skin.
It reveals more than just the surface of your skin. Skin conditions form hydration level to age spots are revealed giving the consultants a better idea of what treatment or skincare regime should be recommended.

I deposit my stuff at a locker and head in to my beauty cabin to change into a robe. The entire facial is relaxing and I found myself snoozing most of the time. It kicks starts with a light head and shoulder massage to put me to ease. Then the double cleansing, scrub and extraction begins. You need to have clean skin to start with for your skin care to work!
The room is cozy and simple. Low lights and soft pipe in music to soothe one physically while the therapist works on my skin.

Each of the session is accompanied with a short massage. Absolutely relaxing that I even pretty much slept through the extraction session. Plus it wasn’t a painful experience to extract the blackheads and whitehead after a cold steam coupled with an essence to soften the grime. Cold steam is actually highly recommended because it is less dehydrating.

The real deal for Reversal 24 Therapy starts after the skin is thoroughly cleansed. 4 star products are applied. Not much pictures because it was kinda dark in the cabin plus I confess to sleeping through most of my 2 hours facial.
• Precision Lift &  Firm Concentrate
An exclusive blend of SYN-HYCAN peptide and Hematite Extract is applied. This formulation works to enhance skin’s production of collagen. More collagen means better skin elasticity and with that one can expect the skin to look firmer and more radiant.
• Precision Lift & Firm Serum
The revolutionary lift-up essential serum formulated with PhytoCellTec Argan and Hyalo Oligo. This formulation works to protect and revitalizes dermal cells and diminishes premature wrinkles and other signs of skin aging caused by dehydration. 
• Precision Lineless Essence Masque
This sheet mask is enriched with Argireline Peptide and Vitamin C, that is incorporated with a unique anti-wrinkle Botox alternative. It works to smoothen and reverse the appearance and formation of expression lines and wrinkles.
• Precision Lift & Firm Black Cream Masque
The infused Bamboo Stem Powder and Phloretin works to lift and firm all facial zones. Skin looks firmer, pores minimized and a healthier glow to the skin.

A facial tool is used before the black masque. It is cold but certainly very relaxing as my therapist Jacqueline moves it all over my face is a ritualistic manner. If you are familiar with you face acupoints and lympathic massage, this is exactly the whole feel. Comfortable and with instant plumping of the skin.

Immediately after the facial, skin felt like baby’s skin. Plump and radiant. There is no oily residue even though the skin looks ‘shiny’. It is just a sign of well hydrated skin with a natural glow.

What really impresses me is that one week after the facial and with an intense 12 hours night race over the weekend, my skin feels better. It feels firm, plump and less oily. Skin tags less visible. Pores seems minimized too. Taken outdoors for the natural light without any makeup (I don’t use makeup as a general rule) with only my regular moisturizer / sun care.

Of course nothing is permanent. This facial is recommended once a month on top of a regular beauty regime at home. If you are keen to try it out, then head on over to any Cres Wellness salon. If you are keen to read more about Reversal 24 Therapy, check out the following image. 
 Of course it might seem a tad technical or too much words. The easier way to find out more is to experience it for yourself!

Reversal 24 Therapy is priced at RM288. You can get to experience your first Reversal 24 at a special price of RM118. Hurry because this offer ends on 18 October 2015. Fill up the following form on Submit and wait for your preferred salon to buzz you for your appointment.

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