Grand Experience @ Grand Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur

Why would a KLlite want to check into a local hotel for the weekend? No hanky panky business but just pure pampering, some luxe thrown in and most importantly for me, zero compromise for my weekend training sessions. And of course checking into the hotel also means zero housework for the weekend. And with all the reasons in mind, the hubster and I were at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur for a weekend.

A short drive from our home. Ample parking on a Saturday morning. I love the staircase and ample space on the ground floor coupled with gentle, soothing water sounds. The folks realise that we are checking in with out lil travel bags and usher us to the lobby upstairs. Our bags are light so we declined help with our weekend luggage. Check in is seamless because one can also do it online or in my case, I merely needed to show them my booking confirmation via email and everything was sorted out under 5 minutes. While waiting, I helped myself to a packet of snickers and apple at teh reception...the lovely thing about Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur is the welcoming and yummy snacks that they place on the reception. It changes every time but there's always something healthy and it includes fruits like apples and pears.

We spent 2 nights in our "Twin Towers View” king room. A lovely view of the twin towers. never mind hazy conditions, but the view of the Twin Towers is magnificent especially at night. Our room is like a mini home. A cozy spot to enjoy a good read, a spacious working table which was a tad too close to the TV but that was easily sorted because our TV moments were from our comfy bed.
I personally loved the walk in wardrobe. It was a short stay but I love the convenience and the spaciousness of a walk in. Also it is always much better to be able to see everything in sight, get dressed and know how one looks whether or not vanity is in question.
With many hotels, I don't fancy having the WC together with the bathroom. It is not so much of shy or not shy. It is more of smell or not smell. Let's get real, no poop smells good so with a closed door that separates it from the rest of the room, closet, bathroom and room, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur makes it to one of my "well thought room and hygiene design" category which has not been given to any hotels except my own home (coz I designed my own bathroom!)

It is a cozy room and little touches like a bowl of fruits, some delightful macarons with a good selection of tea / coffee does wonders especially for weary travellers. In my case, it is a lovely welcome touch to our weekend staycation.

The room is comfy enough to warrant a bum in the room. However, the view of the pool from my room was too good to be resisted. Rested a little while and I was off to the poolside to make the best of the weather. Some laps done, chilled over a good read and I was ready for dinner. I was all wet and didn't fancy the 'hassle' of doing a full change of clothes so a poolside dinner with a gorgeous view of the twin towers was the game play.

I personally like the simple menu at the poolside. There's simple light bites to big meals complete with a decent list for wines and beer. Quite determined to keep our meals simple and 'light' because we intended to explore the surrounding areas for supper, we ended up with one main each and of course a glass of wine.

Weekend's are dedicated lots of running. So I opted for pasta. A simple but delightful seafood spaghetti with a general serving of shrimp, mussel, squid, garlic chilli oil and parsley RM76. Al dente the way we requested, perfectly flavourful with no need for extra chili flakes or pepper. The husbter opts for a 7oz Angus tenderloin RM175. Rare as per his request. Juicy goodness served with some Chimichurri on the side and sides of organic quinoa and green beans. Our meal with a good view and gentle sounds of water lapping the walls of the pool...a tad romantic I must say!
Seafood spaghetti with a general serving of shrimp, mussel, squid, garlic chilli oil and parsley
Angus tenderloin on a bed of quinoa and beans
Juicy goodness the way the hubster loves his meat.
A nicely chilled white to usher the weekend.

Refreshed ourselves with a good shower in our room and we headed out to explore KLCC park at night for a better view of the towers and of course to check out the supper scene all within walking distance of the hotel. And even if one wants to move further, the LRT station is merely 15 minutes comfortable walk through KLCC mall and it is also safe enough to walk along the streets to soak up KL's night view of well lighted buildings.

Each night at Grand Hyatt was a restful sleep. Admitedly I slept in a little too late and didn't fancy a run in the park. So I settled down for the gym. A well equipped one and it wasn't crowded. Of course if all fails, there's always the pool that I have become very fond of.

There is nothing boring about breakfasts at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. At Thirty8, one gets a good view, with lots of natural light and of course a delicious spread. We opt for a corner table with some greenery and a good dose of sunshine. There's much to choose from and I must admit the buffet has a good mix of Western and Asian, clean eats and that includes a good selection of gluten free options too. Here's some of our personal favourites. And because I am such a creature of comfort food and will always settle (sadly) of having the same items day after day.
Inviting Thirty8
Chefs in action and freshly baked breads. Alluring view!
Gluten free options and there's many to choose from 
 Buttery and fluffy croissants
Freshly squeezed juices
 Cheese galore
Roast for brekkie. Nothing too heavy actually. Make our own sandwich or have it with some salads and cheese. Deliciously pink too!
Miso is my all time must have at brekkie buffets when I see them
Classic weekend brekkie for the hubster with bacon, sausage, some beans, bread and of course cheese (not in picture)
Pancakes for brekkie? Pancakes for dessert...either way these are awesome ones served with fruits for a balance of flavours and because mummy says "eat more fruits".
Eat clean and that is really my staple brekkie. Easily assembled and plenty of these options at Thirty8
Local options includes steaming hot dimsum, nasi lemak,  fried noodles....the dim sum is a personal favourite for us
And of course not to be missed options of comforting plain congee with an assorted of condiments. Perfect if you have partied hard the night before!

Thirty8 is also a perfect place to visit for lunch and dinner. A good selection and if you love live action then you can always choose a seat with a good view of the chefs at work. of course Thirty8 also tops the list of many folks if you want a perfect view of KL skyline and the Twin Towers.

Our second dinner during our stay was at JP Teres. This place whips out a decent retention of local favourites and was a perfect place for us to introduce our UK friend Charlie to local food in 2 hours under one roof. Charlie was in for a short 3 days stay and had lots to cover so we all figured out that since she was also staying here at Grand Hyatt, JP Teres would be the perfect spot for her to experience everything Malaysian. From delish satay, char kuew teow, nasi briyani and of course KL's best chiffon cake, JP Teres is the best place!
A personal favourite each time I visit JP Teres is their Pandan chiffon cake served with some soft serve ice cream, topped with nuts and fruit coulis. All conveniently found and easily assembled at the dessert bar.

The weekend passed by really quickly...maybe because we had a good time during our stay. Most importantly, our staycation did a good job to recharge us. From good food to good rest and a strategic location (for shopping or makan), locals are highly advised to check in at the Grand Hyatt. Travellers or business travellers will love the strategic convenience of the LRT, KL Convention Centre and being a stone throw away from the CBD itself.

Check out the full set of images for our stay at Grand Experience @ Grant Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur.

Grand Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur
12 Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
T: +60 3 2182 1234

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