MIGF 2015: Aliyaa Island Restaurant & Bar

What I deem as one of the most exciting MIGF 2015 entry this year would be Aliyaa. Famed for whipping out authentic and traditional Sri Lanka / Ceylonese cuisine. 

Our Ceylonese feast kicks off with a refreshing cocktail KoT. A refreshing concoction of fresh coconut, dark rum and Malibu. And if you are hungry, the young coconut flesh is also a much welcomed ingredient in the cocktail too!
The MIGF menu at Aliyaa is perhaps one of the most affordable ones I have seen. Priced at:
• RM148+ per person without wine
• RM198+ per person with wine pairing

Our 5 course dinner starts with Vermicelli Crusted Fish Croquettes Tamarind And Jaggery Coulis Coriander Pesto. An interesting fish croquette crusted with vermicelli. Love the flavours of the fish croquette with a touch of tamarind and lightly spicy. Served on a bed of four angle beans salsa for added bite and crunch. 
Vermicelli Crusted Fish Croquettes
Crunchy on the outside and creamy smooth inside 
Pencarrow Sauvignon Blanc, Martinborough 2013
Juicy, floral, fresh herbs and limes - easy drinking and I certainly enjoyed this for
the rest of the evening.

I love rasam and Aliyaa's Prawn Rasam Shot With Pan Grilled Prawn And Mustard is lovely. The usual lovely blend of spices and a touch of luxury with a piece of pan grilled prawn balanced on the top of the shot glass. 

The first main course is Stuffed Chilli Crab. A vibrant dish of stuffed chilli crab with fresh crab meat, coriander, carrot, coconut, green pea thoran and mango curd. Lots of flavours, textures and addictive though it would have been better with more crab meat. Love the treatment of sweet carrot goodness and slightly crunchy desiccated coconut.

The second main courses are either fish or lamb. We had both and I personally preferred the Ceylon Lamb With Lemon Rice And Crispy Okra. I personally am smitten with the fragrant lemon rice. Of course the star of the dish is the tender lamb with flavourful spices including fennel. One thing that made this dish also stand out was the crispy okra.
Ceylon Lamb With Lemon Rice And Crispy Okra
Hahn Cabernet Sauvignon, California, 2012
Sweet currants and berries with lovely tannins.

Diners can also opt for fish as their second main course. String Hoppers With Grilled Sea Bass, Smoked Eggplant Moju And Saffron Stew. An interesting pairing of string hoppers with perfectly grilled sea bass. Love the gravy and all but a tad too much eggplants for me personally.
 String Hoppers With Grilled Sea Bass
Excelsior Chardonnay, South Africa-2014
Crisp with hints of green apples, peach and citrus. A lovely compliment to the creamy rich sea bass. Perfect wine to go with both options of desserts to come.

Both dessert options were just as good and memorable. Hard to choose but if you are dining with a partner, make a pact to order both desserts and share them. My personal favourite is the Orange Blossom Paysam With Rose Ice Cream And Crushed Pistachio. A pretty little thing almost like a flower with the sweet scents of rose and refreshing orange blossoms. 

The second option of dessert Flamed Sweet Brandy Appam is perhaps one of the best appams in town. A modern twist of flambeed brandy and caramelised palm sugar makes what may seem to be a plain appam makes this dessert quite a show of its own.

Brilliant job by Chef Sapna Anand and her team at Aliyaa. Traditional Sri Lankan's cuisine introduced to the world with a modern touch that does not compromise on the authenticity of the cuisine itself. Catch this delightful MIGF menu at Aliyaa. Hurry because it ends on 31 October 2015.

Full set of pictures in the album MIGF 2015
Aliyaa Island Restaurant & Bar
48 G & M, Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
 T: +603 2092 5378

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