MIGF 2015: Qba, Latin Bar and Grill

A return to Qba, Latin Bar and Grill for our dinner. This time to explore MIGF theme Galactic Chefs! 2015: A Food Odyssey. An impressive Latin American themed dinner that felt akin to eating rainbows with a myriad of textures and flavours.

Diners can choose from 2 options of Qba’s MIGF 2015 menu - RM380 nett per person with wine pairing and RM220 nett without wine pairing. A must have for us and dangerously addictive on every visit to Qba are the freshly baked breads served with butter and a delicious tomato and herb spread .

Our MIGF dinner at QBA includes wine. I must admit that I have been pretty impressed with the selection of Miguel Torres selections that I have been having of late and the ones that we had during this MIGF were very memorable especially the Carmenere, Mescato and Brandy. 

Diners will start off with canapes other than the complimentary breads. 
• Cornmeal Bread, Shredded Cod, Red Chili, Shellfish Espuma;
• Cone-Shaped Fried Corn Tortilla;
• Shrimps in Cilantro-Habanero "Aguachile";
• Chicken and Avocado Aioli, Crisp Green Plantain Banana
• Sliced Beef Sirloin Skewers, Panca Chili Huancaina

Our appetiser is paired with Miguel Torres Estelado Rose. A crisp rose cava that does wonders to whet our appetite while we feast our eyes on our beautiful platter of "Qwehli Prawns Duet". More than just a pretty sight, we were in for a feast of our senses. Mouth watering candied lemon skin (not the usual lemon zest that we are accustomed too) sitting on a prawn that has been cured for 4 hours in calamansi juice. The second prawn is a battered with quinoa resulting in a crunchy nutty touch to compliement the natural sweetness of quality fresh prawns. Adding further colours and textures are the goodness of creamy sweet potato, beetroot and avocado. 
Not quite a fan of rose cava but this was delicious.
Qwehli Prawns Duet
Absolutely delightful bite from the fried nutty quinoa. Interesting choice of ingredient for a batter and I will not be surprised to see this becoming the new trend in town. Kudos Chef Jasper!

Soup in a pot. A steel pot that was kinda big but nevertheless looked good once everything is in place. "Rocoto Seafood Chowder" is a comforting pot serving of rich and naturally sweet goodness of the ocean with Japanese scallops, cod fish, clams, caviar, seaweed and squid ink fettuccine. I love soups and these fishy goodness sealed the deal for me. Hopefully we get to see this on the ala carte menu at Qba after MIGF.

Palate cleanser in the form of a zesty and refreshing Soursop Sorbet topped with some freshly grated lime prepped our palates for the mains.

Diners have options of beef or fish for their main courses. Nothing complicated with a simple decision of fish or beef. The hubster and I both love fish and beef. Decision is even simpler because we get both of them.

Fish lovers enjoy the delightful goodness of "Red Mullet with Edible Crystals". A brilliant combination of flavours that is familiar with red mullet and braised fennel with a creamy beet emulsion infused with Spanish Pedro Ximenez. I must confess that on its own, it did remind me of something that I had in London at Jamie Oliver's. However with the delicate yuzu and berries pearls, this eludes a different charm. Aptly paired with Miguel Torres Cordillera Chardonnay to compliment the creamy goodness of the dish.  
Red Mullet with Edible Crystals

The second main course of "Pabellon Latino" makes the best of beef. The hubster and I obviously both preferred this over the Red Mullet. Beef in 2 preparations. Both different in taste, flavours and textures yet they playfully compliment each other. 
Pabellon Latino -  Beef Eye Fillet, Stuffed Hearts of Palm, "Sofrito" Choron,
Wagyu Cheek Slow Cooked in Carmenere, Golden Beet Puree, Artichoke Chips
Can't fault a medium rare beef fillet. You are advised to start off with the beef eye fillet first. Ours arrived medium rare - no complains because it is obviously juicy and pink.  

The second part of this dish is the mind blowing 48 hour slow cooked Wagyu beef cheek. Topped with some caramelised crushed macadamia. This is the highlight of the MIGF menu for Qba, a sentiment that I believe all my dining companions agree.
Miguel Torres Cordillera Carmenere - robust tannins, spicy and a long finish. Perfect compliment for the richness of the beef. 

A sweet end to our dinner. Nothing boring and equally delightful as the other courses of our MIGF meal. "Tarta de Manjar Blanco" - Creamy goodness of dulce de leche cake with an Oreo cookie base topped with a most delightful caramel balsamic ice-cream. Nothing overly sweet but just perfect with lil bits of crunchy chocolate bits. 
Looks like the galaxy with planets orbiting.
Paired with a delightful moscato Torres Floralis Moscatel Oro. Spicy orange blossoms that goes really well with the chocolatey creamy dessert.
And one for the road which I enjoyed tremendously. Thank you The Westin Kuala Lumpur for the Torres 10 Imperial Brandy. A lovely warm finish to our delightful meal with smooth sweet cinnamon and vanilla.

The folks behind our MIGF meal at Qba. Playful, hardworking and absolutely dedicated to Qba's good name. Thank you Qba for another beautiful dinner and memory.

Qba’s MIGF 2015 menu runs until 31st October 2015. Priced at RM380 nett per person with wine pairing and RM220 nett without wine pairing.
Full set of pictures in the album MIGF 2015
Qba Latin Bar and Grill
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