SCKLM2015: The Run Goes On

SCKLM2015 will proceed on Sunday 4th October 2015.

While some rejoice because they can finally run in a race that they have trained hard for, some others may lament how to run in the current hazy conditions. There is no one right or one wrong approach or response.

The organisers have decided to go ahead based on the API readings that seems to be going down. Hang on! Why shoot the organisers down for going ahead with the run? They have made the decision based on DOE's API readings. And if the organisers were to say they would cancel or postpone it, another bunch of folks will be screaming and cursing them.

So what they did is right. The organisers announce that #SCKLM2015 will proceed as usual. However they will continue to monitor the weather conditions as well. Be fair. The organisers are not Mother Nature. They can't just order a heavy downpour to put out the fires in Indonesia or huff and puff the haze elsewhere.

The haze seems to be worsening. Like I shared on FB this morning, I am perplexed that the DOE reports that the API is 85 while I can't even see beyond 1km from my home. I can't even see KLCC from my home that is merely 6.7km away when on any other good non hazy season, I have a gorgeous view of KLCC day and night.
Boss! I cannot go to work. I cannot find where my office is. Landmarks missing. KL city is missing. All gray my nose running faster than my legs. Ah choooooooo....

For all runners, the decision is yours to run or not to run in #SCKLM2015. If you think you prefer to stay home, then go ahead and stay home. If you want to proceed with running, do go ahead. Have fun while running but bear in mind that in this hazy conditions, this is not the time for you to achieve your personal best. Go easy. Hydrate fact hydrate at every water station and bring along your own hydration because it is not easy to run in these hazy conditions. Listen to your body. Call it quits if you feel uncomfortable. There is no shame in opting for a DNS (Did Not Start) or a DNF (Did Not Finish). There is always another race another time.

I will not be running even though I have already collected my race kit today. Partly the weather and partly because I have injured myself during the Penang Ultra over the weekend, making it impossible for me to sue #SCKLM2015 as my "recovery run". I will however be present as a supporter to snap some pics and will be with my running mates from TPRC at KM38 to hand out some refreshments etc. Do say hi if you see me OK?

For those who have yet to collect your race kit, you can do so at Dataran Underground, Dataran Merdeka until 6pm Saturday 3rd October 2015. As the lines a re bad down there, make sure you have your Identity Card or Passport with you together with a printout of your race confirmation slip. A print screen of the confirmation slip is better as you won't be cutting down any trees for that:P Do also check out the expo which has some pretty good bargains! Information on race collection:

Roads will be closed for #SCKLM2015. For non runners, please bear with us as this is only once a year.

All runners are recommended to go through the #SCKLM2015 Runners Guide Book. Print out the important pages eg the routes, public transport arrangements or alternatively save a copy of the PDF file into your mobile phone.

For more information and updates on #SCKLM2015, do follow the following channels for official announcements and updates:

THANX for reading. Do also head on to the following channels to socialise!