Sit & Stay

Do furkids get tired of eating the same stuff? Some say no. Some say yes. My name is Shalom and let me share with you my latest yummy food adventure. It is not just mummy who gets yummy noms. I get my share of yummilicious food too. This time I really love the artisan meals and treats that I had from Sit &  Stay.

I am always a picky eater. Even on raw diet, mummy prepares a varied menu for me. While variety is for me to have complete nutrition in my diet, it is also because I like variety. Without variety, I will drive my mummy and daddy up the wall. And when PorPor and KongKong or anyone else have to babysit me, they actually climb the wall and sometimes the ceiling looking like a lizard. Don't laugh but it is true...all I need to do is walk away with a sigh or give them my "you love me, right" or #TreatMeGood looks and they will scramble to look for food. And without mummy around, KongKong and Daddy will even resort to giving me char siew bao or fried chicken which is really yummy but my mummy will give everyone who feed me 'human food' a long lecture about damaging my liver, kidney, lose my fur blah blah blah.

Mummy travelled quite a fair bit the last few months for her runs and work. I reckon Mummy made the best decision ever by stocking up on Sit & Stay's delicious menu. They are so tasty that my brother Shiloh will eye my bowl during meal times. Too bad for that kiddo that they don't have any meals for cats and he can't share my meals because we both have different nutrition needs. However, I am a sweet girl, so I shared my treats with him

I have 5 options of main meals to choose from. Each tub is approximately 500g. The meals arrive frozen and mummy keeps them in the freezer. Only 1 tub is kept in the refrigerator. Some might opt to heat up the food a little but mummy serves it to me cold since our weather is so hot plus I am used to having cold food since I am normally on a raw diet.

The 5 flavours are:
• Chickie Boo RM15 - chicken, tripe, spinach, beetroot, rolled oats, rosemary, flaxseed, egg shell powder, virgin coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and special home made stock.
• Quack Quack RM15 - duck, tripe, green beans, kelp, rolled oats, basil, egg shell powder, apple cider vinegar, tumeric and special home made stock.
• Oink Oink RM15 - pork, liver, pumpkin, cabbage, rolled oats, parsley, flaxseed, egg shell powder, krill oil, tumeric and special home made stock.
• Moo Moo Cow RM16 - beef, liver, celery, sweet potato, rolled oats, oregano, flaxseed, egg shell powder, virgin coconut oil, tumeric and special home made stock.
• Lambiekins RM16 - lamb, tripe, kale, carrots, rolled oats, thyme, flaxseed, egg shell powder, apple cider vinegar, tumeric and special home made stock.

Mummy agrees that the ingredients are chosen carefully for their health benefits. She is most impressed with the use of herbs and tumeric for antioxidants benefit. Egg shell powder is a good source of calcium for me as I cannot eat cooked bones. Health benefits aside, I know the food really are tasty. They also smell really good and I caught mummy tasting them but she said they were tasteless. Of course they are tasteless to you mummy! There is no salt or artificial flavouring added to the food. You must learn to eat like me - only natural ingredients for the best of flavours!
The white bits are the crushed egg shells so that my bones remain strong. I am 12 years old and that makes me a grand lady of 84 years human age!
Admit it! They look so good like a comforting stew. No wonder Mummy tasted them!
Mummy says my head is buried in the bowl until I finish my food. Of course I have to do that or else Shiloh will steal my food!
Yellow bits are tumeric. Each tub is filled with yummy goodness. We knew mummy was coming home with yummies when she stood outside the house. In fact, mummy was upset when we greeted the bag from Sit & Stay instead of her. Sorry mummy but you are holding too yummy stuff that I cannot ignore!

I like all the 5 flavours but my favourite is the Oink Oink, Quack Quack and Moo Moo Cow. In that running order if I must choose. Mummy always complain that I am a messy eater because I leave bits and pieces all over my bowl. What mummy doesn't know is that I am leaving them behind for my brother. See mummy, I really love Shiloh even though he is a big bully. Too bad for Shiloh that when I get Sit & Stay nom noms, my bowl is wiped clean. Nothing left for him except maybe my saliva. Be nicer to me kiddo and I might leave you a bit...

The folks at Sit & Stay also make delicious and natural treats. There's cookies, muffins, sausages, meatballs etc. But our favourite are the natural dried ones which include fish, chicken, beef and pork. I didn't like the liver so I gave them all to Shiloh who absolutely adored them. My faves were the ikan bilis and pork fillet. Oh! I also shared the ikan bilis with Shiloh because the bugger was meowing soooooo loud!
Yummy treats: beef lung, ikan bilis (these are huge bug ones), ikan selar, ikan bawal, chicken feet and pork fillet. Each type is priced at RM15 for a bag weighing between 70g to 100g each.
 Pork fillet
Chicken feet
 Ikan bawal or pomfret
Ikan selar kuning 
 Beef lung that Shiloh goes gaga over. I swear I overheard him speak in human language to Daddy that sounded like "I want".
Our "favouritest" will be this ikan bilis. Do you know how addictive they are. The folks at Sit & Stay have washed this really well because it is not salty!

Fellow furmasters and furmistresses, go tell your slaves, daddies, mummies etc to buy you the yummy good stuff from Sit &  Stay. Alternatively you can also order yourself too (like I did). I know you furslaves are also reading my mummy's blog (which I hijacked am guest posting today) your furkids some extra love with Sit & Stay's yummy artisan pet food. They are natural, tasty, nutritious and value for money (I know you guys work hard for your furkids and furmasters).

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