Sounds of Rain

Rain rain where are you? Please come so that Missyblurkit can play!

How do we get the the sound of rain when there is no rain in sight and pretty much just greyish yellow sight every where? A depressing view and definitely equally depressing feeling. Thankfully my fellow runner Jerome recommended that I try a trick that he did when he was in KL "Haze everywhere. You look for rain natural sounds then put the music of rain loud."

Since my rain dance, singing and car wash attempts didn't bring any rain anywhere near Indonesia or Malaysia, Jerome's suggestion was tempting. I googled "sound of rain" and right now, my office has a soothing and relaxing ambiance to it from

A couple of results came along but here's a few of my faves. Try them or even Google them yourselves to see what tickles your fancy. And let's just hope that these soothing rain sounds will cheer everyone up and spread the feel good vibes to bring a respite of rain to clear the air, douse the flames and water the pitiful plants that are covered in dust particles.
Nature Sounds: Rain Sounds One Hour for Sleeping, Sleep Aid for Everybody
EPIC THUNDER & RAIN | Rainstorm Sounds For Relaxing, Focus or Sleep | White Noise 10 Hours
Relaxing White Noise

Torrential rain - relaxing rain with nature sounds

Do share with me what's your favourite tip to stay cheery in this dreadful weather. It feels worse than a dark winter! I will love the skies to clear up so that I can continue my outdoor activities!
Can't wait to see this view after my run. Can't run now in these hazy conditions and even if I visited this fave hill of mine, I won't even see any buildings! Haze please go away. Rain please come!
A drive in the rain is certainly more fun than the current dark grey drives.

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