Instagram Roundup: 1-14 November 2015

Whirlwind 2 weeks with a short trip, cray cray work week and an aborted road trip with our weekend ride Jesse Jetta. Not much running despite the good weather since I am holed up at work till late night / early morning. Highly sleep deprived and caffeine reliant!

A recap of Instagram from 1st to 14th November 2015.
Making the best of boarding wait times with heel raises that helps to strengthen the ankles and calves. Well...I burn some calories too in view of my coming gastronomy adventure in Kuching too.
Sunset cruise with a view of Gunung Serapi. This 90 minutes cruise is highly recommended for a view and understanding of how Kuching evolved over the years. Cruise is RM80 and comes with light refreshments.
Richie 34 yo male orang utan at Semenggol Wildlife Centre. This centre is approximately 24km from Kuching. Primarily the centre rehabilitates wild animals that are injured, orphaned in the wild or handicapped by prolonged captivity. Ritchie was an orphaned orang utan when his mother was killed by hunters. Most of the rehabilitated animals are released into the wild or are part captive breeding programmes for endangered species.
A traditional Bidayuh lunch break along Semadang River today. A lovely 11km of serenity, limestone caves and drawing in a magnificent view of Borneo rainforest. Breathtaking experience that I will love to repeat but on a bamboo raft next time!
• #run • #stop • #takepicha • #run
My typical morning run is always filled with short stops to say hello to the neighbourhood folks, furkids or plants. What about your morning runs?
Strongbow Red Berries. New in the market for a limited time only.
Am grateful for another beautiful sunset
Its Shell V-Power Lego season again. Experience the Shell V-Power LEGO collection at Sunway Pyramid, Blue Concourse from now till Sunday 8 November 2015. Visit for more details. 
5 minutes to assemble the F138 when you are an OCD:
• unpack
• sort by colours 
• sort by type
• stick the stickers
• lay instructions flat
• assemble
Yay! Now to wait for 3 more rides, Shell Tanker, Shell Station and the Finish Line and Podium.
#Lego precious precious beans. You stink so well! 😷😷😷
Gongfu chao yinyong / Cantonese fried noodles
Dinner is baby spinach, watermelon, almonds and feta cheese. Arguably #paleo if you follow the camp that allows some small amount of cheese. And it is definitely #glutenfree
Slept in this morning instead of joining Nick and CY for a 10k run. Did staircase and core works followed by an iron rich smoothie of spinach, lettuce, flaxseed, sesame seed, hazelnuts and homemade almond milk. Happy Saturday folks.
Better latte than never.
Isetan Birthday Run: 3.54km fun route with inclines at the first 1km. Easy pace of 5:59/km
Tinto Campesino with incredibly delicious almojΓ‘banas.
Making the best of a glorious Monday evening with a simple picnic dinner of salad and roast chicken.
Happy faces after a good Tuesday / Deepavali run, good coffee and awesome company. Of course we also have a few happy girls who loved their salted caramel cheese cake and apple pie.
#DineandShare gives me up to 35% discount for my meal because I am uploading this soup to Instagram.  For more details, visit:
playing with food πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I was so mentally tired that I had to head out for a run to clear my head and get some oxygen into the system. Ran 4km and walked the remaining 6km. Happy Friday peeps.
One of my fave local coffee and people watching spots. This place also serves one of my fave wantan mee!

It is still a working weekend for me and the team. While I appreciate the jobs coming in, it sucks too because all jobs are "rushed". How much sleep have I had this week? I reckon in 7 days I probably slept a total of 22 hours. #JustRanting

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