Isetan Birthday Run

The Sunday saw me running with a whole bunch of folks for Isetan's 25th Birthday Run. So much fun that I am now contemplating signing up for more fun runs in future!

Run flags off from the Perdana Botanical Garden (formerly known as the Lake Gardens) at 730am . Before flag off, participants are given a good and effective warm session that in my opinion was very well choreographed that even kids or the elderly ones were seen easily participating and enjoying themselves.

Flag off is orderly with the 7km folks being flagged off first followed by the 3km. Loved how families participated and crossed the line together. Good bonding time over a healthy activity ona Sunday morning! The kids also had their kids dash at approximately 915am. It is amazing how energetic these kids were despite having completed 3km earlier.

I am still in rehab until year end for my torn ankle ligaments and this fun Isetan Birthday Run was just perfect for me to get some running done with the company of good friends. In fact, it was good to see some serious running friends like Victor (who runs ultra marathons) turn up with his family for a family 3km dash.

The 3km route was over distanced. I clocked 3.54km even though I started my Fenix 3 150 metres after we were flagged off. A nice mix of running along the road outside park and within the scenic with a good view of the lake and its surrounding flora and fauna. For a 3km route, we had one water stop at the children's playground. That would be approximately 2km. 

Finished 3.54km in 21.09 minutes. Not my best short run timing but I was keeping it light and easy as per doctor's orders. The run finished with marshalls doing a good job ushering the folks into their respective distance lanes. A medal is given and our bibs marked. 

The only hiccup here is having the water and banana station that wasn't in front of the runners when we finished our run. Instead, runenrs had to make a u-turn for the station that was 30 metres away. Starngely 20 metres in front of our finish lines were vendor booths who were there to sell their stuff. In my case, I headed straight on and was told that I had to purchase my drinks from one of the booths. Only when I asked another 'volunteer', was I told that the runners' entitlement was behind the finish line. That sorted out and I am a happy girl with water, banana and a muesli bar. There was also a Milo truck that was distributing yummy cups of cold Milo!

There was plenty of activities and photo opportunities for everyone. Since I did the 3km, I had plenty of time to shoot away before the 7km folks returned. So yes...that's the benefit of running shorter distances!

Happy Birthday Isetan. Congras on turning 25 and thank you for the very lovely run on your birthday!

Full set of pictures in the album Isetan Birthday Run. THANX for reading. Do also pop by to the following channels to socialise!