Zespri Kiwifruit Mug Cake

 Love a cake and want it within 5 minutes? Then mug cakes will be your favourite recipe to keep handy. Build from scratch or in this case of being lazy and craving for a cake, 3 simple ingredients sealed the deal for me and the hubster! Zespri Kiwifruit mug cake all ready under 4 minutes including prep and bake time!

And because it is so simple, I recommend this to be a fun and yummy cake:
• when you crave a cake in the office and can't dash out to buy
• when you crave a cake but do not want to over indulge by baking a regular cake
• when you don't feel like sharing your cake with anyone else
• when you need to whip out an emergency dessert / birthday cake

Simple ingredients:
• 5 tablespoons of cake mix (I use Pilsbury Butter Cake Mix)
• Water or milk
• 1 Zespri Kiwifruit

• Mix 4 table spoon of cake mix with water or milk until you get a cake batter texture in a microwave safe mug. I normally use milk for a creamier texture.
• Mash one kiwifruit with the batter using a fork.
• Add remaining 1 tablespoon of cake mix to kiwifruit mixture in mug.
• Pop into oven and cook at HIGH for 3 minutes.
Cake batter texture looks like this.

If you are familiar with mug cakes, you will realise that Zespri Kiwifruit mug cake will not rise as high as regular mug cakes. The reason is because Actinidin - a protease found in kiwifruit breaks down proteins and prevents the mixture from expanding. It is this very same reason that kiwifruit is an awesome fruit to help digestion after a heavy meal of meats. Of course if you opt to use kiwifruit jam then it will of course rise like any other regular mug cakes:D

All in all, it takes me less than 4 minutes for one mug cake. A yummy hot kiwifruit mug cake is good to be eaten on its own. Equally delicious with a dollop of ice cream with your choice of nuts and seeds. Its sweet with a refreshing zesty touch to the cake. which works wonders to wake one up instead of relying on the usual coffee or caffeine fix!  I love it with a cup of black tea. Does wonders to perk up a day at work or even after a very full meal. This was baked this morning for our brekkie:D
Easy peasy to have your dessert and extra fibre to ease digestion and a better gut health! 

For more information, head over to to know more about how Zespri kiwifruits can help in better digestive. There's recipes for you to try out and if you prefer watching videos, then there's more recipes, informative info and even yoga tips for better digestive health on their YouTube channel. 

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