Frost Trail Run 2015

THANX to the folks at Maxis, I ran my second trail race ever. It was all good fun, tougher than I expected it to be but still I am glad I and completed the Frost Trail Run 2015 at a decent timing and most importantly injury free despite really being a Miss Clumsy.

The morning was nice and cold. I got a little nervous because we arrived early but were at the wrong entrance of FRIM instead of the Kepong Botanic Garden. The locations are kinda linked but not in the dark at 6am! By the time we arrived it was almost start time. I was having butterflies flying inside my tummy. I haven't warmed up, began to feel hungry and was really scared of confronting trail having twisted my ankle and torn my ankle ligaments in July this year at a trail route.

Finally I saw a familiar face - Mandy who runs with me during the weekends. Some chit chat, some laughters later and one toilet trip, I was ready to be flagged off. Told myself that this will be just another run on a random weekend except that it is a trail run. Unfamiliar terrains, unfamiliar route so all I needed to do was just to be careful and run at my pace. To walk if necessary. Indeed that was precisely what I did, walking when the downhills were a tad too scary for me since I hated the feeling of rolling stones under my shoes.

The run starts off on tarmac. Fun begins when we hit the forest trails. Loved the greenery with peeping sunlight and fresh cool air. Plenty of support by the organisers though it would have been good to include one water station inside the trail route. However, it was really good that the marshalls had spare bottles of water with them. A few of us shared a bottle around KM 6 or so and continued our run together. It was really lovely to be encouraged by fellow runners and also the morning hikers at FRIM. It kept me going especially when I started walking at anything that looks like downhill. Yes, I was that scared of running downhill. I would rather run uphill anytime!

A little confusion happened on the distances towards the end. One marshall told me 1km more to go while another said a few hundred metres in front that I had 2km more to go. Ooops...fret not I told myself, just keep running and soon enough I saw the last water stop that also meant that it was a short home run of less than 1km more to go. By now we were back to tarmac and the familiar lake view on my left was a consolation - coz I was really starving by now. I ran constantly and tried my best to speed up with whatever fuel that I had. By now, there was a lot of casual Sunday walkers and joggers coming towards my direction. THANX to the little encouragements and smiles they gave, I think I was fuelled enough to sprint the last KM or so in 5 minutes pace. Something I have not done a long time since I rested my ankle.

To cross the finish line was a super feeling. Never mind there was no medals. Making my way around to pick up my drinks, food and finisher tee was a good walk to ease the muscles after the last push. It is amazing how tiring 8.6km trail run can be compared to running a full marathon because I went home and slept the whole day.

I definitely regained back a little of my confidence in trail running. The fear is still there but I am glad I took the first step to try to conquer the fear. I might not run as much trail as I would compared to road but I must admit the fun and satisfaction of being able to conquer some of the fear is priceless. Another trail run soon? Of course because I Got This nailed... getting stronger and braver everyday! No harm if a suitable trail run and opportunity arises! Once again, thanx MAXIS for having me run under your banner.
Team Maxis
With fellow runners Marlina and Mandy. Congras Mandy on your podium achievement!

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