MPI Generali Run 2016: Breakfast Fellowship 12122015

Today is the last session for My First Run clinic organised by the MPI Generali Run 2016 folks. Each week, the clinics bring participants through a run with sharing sessions on important aspects of running. All sessions are geared towards preparing runners for their first run and specifically the MPI Generali Run 2016 that will be held on Sunday 10 January 2016.

This morning started off with a run as usual. Thereafter, Jamie shared on what to expect on your first road run. Good tips I must say even for someone like me who ran for almost 3 years. Of course this was followed by a breakfast fellowship of the yummiest teh tarik in town and some food. Some food would be an understatement because there was so much food prepared including bananas, local kuihs, fried noodles and of course nasi lemak with super sedap (delicious) sambal sotong.
Runners enjoying their runs. Paces are all different but what matters is that everyone runs.

Jamie's tips today include that if a run is sunny, wear your sunnies or a visor or a cap. You don't want to run squinting plus if you squint, your pics won't look good!

Everyone's hungry after a good meal. Plus who won;t be hungry with one of the yummiest nasi lemak in town being served for brekkie?
Mr. Wan patiently brewed teh tarik for all of us and even pulled the tea. The recipe to a good teh tarik is more than just tea, condensed milk and evaporated milk. If you want to know more...ask him the next time you see him!

Not just milk tea but this is pulled milk tea / teh tarik complete with bubbles!
Yummy? Don't even attempt licking the screen! Just drool!

There was also a collection of preloved shoes and clothes for the orang asli community under Project Good Deeds. It was really encouraging that the preloved items were pretty new too. Kudos guys for your good heart. This collection will continue on 
More clothes and shoes.
Project Good Deeds collects preloved shoes and clothes for the orang asli community.

The collection under Project Good Deeds will continue on MPI Generali Run 2016 bib collection day and also on race day itself. So guys, keep the pre loved items coming in for the Orang asli community. Of course, please make sure that you wash the shoes first and the clothes are not tattered or torn.

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THANX for reading. The full set of pictures from this morning's run can be found on MPI Generali: My First Run Clinic breakfast fellowship. Do also pop by to the following channels to show some love!