TIME Broadband: 3 Months Down The Lane

Three months into my 100Mpbs line with TIME Broadband, I think I am definitely a happy customer. 

Seamless connection throughout the day even though many of my neighbours are now subscribed to TIME Broadband. Definitely must say that they have indeed lived up to their reputation and claim as the fastest Internet service provider in town!

Thus far, it has been good times of watching YouTube for cooking shows, running and training pics. Of course the hubster finally caught up with all his movies and series. No sacrifices were required to make-do with the lowest quality of sound and video. Anything above 1080p with HD for us now only. Both of us can tune into Astro On the Go, whilst I continue to watch videos on YouTube! Totally 0 buffering time. 

Most importantly, I have been able to work from home efficiently. No hassle trying to download visuals and materials from my clients or designers. Especially since all my items are so time sensitive,  I get my work done really fast and on TIME! For example : 
My 40-50 mb AI designer files take only 10 seconds tops (don’t you hate it when you download half way and your connection just resets halfway?)
Simple 2mb photos literally in a blink of an eye.
3 minute event videos in 1 minute!

As far as I know, TIME has never made any compromise on upload speeds or download speeds compared to other networks. This of course, life has been good for my photo assignments as I no longer have to pull my hair apart trying to upload pictures to clients too! High quality photos no matter what the sizes are, I can trust on my internet connection to give me a seamless experience without the frustrating upload waiting game

I would say that the other more important factor than a speedy download speed is a steady upload speed – especially for content creators like myself. I don’t have to fret about files getting corrupted or are half completed. Uploading a 20mb file to Google drive for my reviews are done in just counting 1-2-3! And its done!
Check out the speed at the bottom of the screen shot!!!

No crap in download and upload speeds. The speed test results says it all! I’ve got this screenshot of the speed test at home. You have no idea what I have to endure in my office versus the luxury of speed at home. Dear TIME Broadband, please come to my office building too! 

So there  you go, add some sanity into your life and sign up for TIME Broadband. For RM179 per month with speed up to 100Mpbs, this has got to be one darn good deal in town. Check out their site to see what package works for you though I honestly think the RM179 is a superb deal. 

Here’s how you can easily check your area of coverage. First you head to Scroll down until you see the “TIME Coverage Search” tab below/

You should land on the next page to find if your area is covered. Don’t forget to check on the different plans they offer just below the map!

Getting back to the kitchen and streaming a couple of YouTube videos while surfing on cooking blogs to get some ideas on bread recipes has never been easier! (P/S I am still busy learning up how to make awesome breads).
I’m just so happy with my TIME Home Broadband connection I would highly recommend it. Great speed at a great price. Find out more at :

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