Year End Fun...Thus Far

Year end are one of my fave times. Its a time of festivities with Christmas, new year, long school holidays and folks clearing up their annual leaves all packed into the last month of December. Kind of breathless but I really appreciate this crazy hectic time of the year with different folks and different activities packed in. 

Here's some of my fave activities thus far this month and I anticipate a lot more fun coming along the way especially with the parties and a mini getaway with the hubster to usher in the new year.
It is the Shell V-Power LEGO seasons. Of course we have some minutes passing by with some of us going around town looking to purchase the sets before sitting down to see who assembles the fastest. I am proud to say that I still am faster than the hubster or the kids!
Catching up over lunch. With us this time we had some Singaporean runners who were here in town for their training stint and year end holidays.
Training goes to a different location so that i can catch up with my cycling pals as well.
Plenty of Christmas gatherings with potluck and gift exchange. Home cooked food is always the best for these get togethers! 

Making enzymes (edible and cleaning ones) is probably not the usual holiday get together for many folks. This however is one of my all time faves that I do twice a year with my green friends and their kids. Lots of cutting, slicing and layering work involved that takes a good 5 hours.  Then we wait to harvest our cleaning enzymes 6 months later while the edible enzymes take anything from 6 to 8 weeks depending on what ingredients we use.
School holidays aren't just my little troopers' favourite kind of hurrayday. It is mine too because there's no tuition classes (never mind music, ballet and sports sessions do go on) and we all get to play, travel and explore new places and stuff this very first Slide the City that happened some weeks back.

Let me know how has your year end hurraydays been! Any new places or food that I should explore, new things to try out especially with the kids. Do leave a comment below or head on over to the following channels to let me know! Happy holidays and happy new year!