Ah Fa Chinese Restaurant

"Dish was so spicy that it floored me. I was on my knees (literally). Had stomach cramps. Couldn't walk at all." And that was my hubster's description of Ah Fa Chinese Restaurant in Pudu after our dinner there last night. Poor guy had to numb his tongue with ice cream and could not drive home immediately after dinner since he had wobbly legs.

We drove pass Ah Fa on 1st January 2016 after dinner with my in laws at MunKee down the street. Saw a long queue of people at 8pm but we had no idea what it served. Made it a point that we shall return one day earlier in the evening if we are in the vicinity. And thanx to my bad headache, we knocked off work yesterday and decided to check out Ah Fa not knowing what they served. But with my nasty headache, I really didn't want to think much and said "We will eat whatever the place whips out. Don't make me think!".

We were there at 530pm. Only 2 tables were filled. Perfect because I wasn't in the mood to wait or queue for my food. We found a corner table next to some plants and the lady boss came quickly with the menu. Oh darn...I didn't know what to make out of menu but she was quick to explain in Mandarin that I had options of RM88 of shell fish or RM99 of fish and shell fish. There was 6 levels of spiciness to choose from. She said most folks opt for B or C. In fact C which was 小辣 "small spicy" was potent enough for many of their customers. I was in a mood for spicy food for the last few days and we had plenty of fish over the weekend. Thus the hubster ordered D 中辣 "medium spicy" with only shell fish RM88. We were warned that 中辣 was really very spicy but we decided to go ahead with our choice.

It's a wait time of approximately 10 minutes before you are served. A portable stove is placed on our table followed by the pot / tray of our food. It sizzles and bubbles with aromatic chili. Be prepared that you might just sneeze if you inhale the steam directly like the folks who sat at the table beside us.
Looks spicy? This is 中辣 "medium spicy".
Huge prawns, squid and clams on a bed of assorted vegetables including big bean sprouts 
and mushrooms.
Lots of chili, more chili, garlic, onions and tomatoes add flavour to the otherwise clear broth. An influence of Hunan (lady boss) and Malaysian (the boss).
Small and potent chili!
If you can't eat spicy very well while your dining mates love the spicy stuff big time, then do not pour the soup or vegetables directly onto your white rice. Ask for a plate and do you deshelling etc on a plate and leave your rice nice and plain.
Big, fresh prawn with roe.
Smaller prawns but still huge and fresh. Equally good are the squid and clams.

Awesome spiciness with fresh seafood. RM94 for the option of shellfish, 2 plates of rice and 5 glasses of cold tea. A good deal considering the size and generous portions of ingredients.

Some handy advise if you dine at Ah Fa Chinese Restaurant in Pudu:
• Keep your drinks handy! Between the hubster and I, it was 5 glasses of cold chinese tea and 500ml water from my own water bottle.
 • If you can't take spicy well, option B 微辣 is slightly spicy. And the good thing is that Ah Fa Chinese Restaurant in Pudu can add more chili if you find your order not spicy enough.
Option B 微辣 "slightly spicy" with prawns, fish, squid and clams for RM99
• Switch off the flames. Food feels spicier when it is hot. Keep it bubbling for a short while to ensure the ingredients are cooked properly.
• A creamy ice cream will help ease your tongue after this hot meal. And if you find your tummy irritated by the extreme spiciness, yogurt will help ease the gut and put things right.

Ah Fa Chinese Restaurant
Jalan Seladang, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
T: +60169163999
Business hours: 5pm to 12am daily
Landmark: Between RHB bank and Wong Lighting

And a letter to my dear hubster:
Dear hubster,
Thank you for bringing me to Ah Fa Chinese Restaurant in Pudu. I am sorry that you had to suffer to eat the spiciness that kept me happy yet it was so spicy that you had to go down on your knees and ended up throwing out your dinner. I am sorry that you had to endure the wobbly legs, heavy sweat just because this spicy meal was what I needed to satisfy my chili cravings and ease my headache. The next time we return, let's just order 2 portions. One Option B 小辣 "little spicy" or not spicy at all for you while I stick to my Option D 中辣 "medium spicy" for me. I promise I will bring an ice box with ice cream for you too. I love you Hubster!

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