CNY 2016: Zuan Yuan @ One World Hotel

A highly recommended pork free option in Petaling Jaya has always been Zuan Yuan @ One World Hotel. This CNY, Zuan Yuan whips up an impressive menu. Some traditional dishes and definitely some interesting new dishes too.

Set menus are priced at RM1738nett, RM1980nett and RM2210nett for a table of ten with two complimentary bottles of wine. Here's a preview of some dishes that you can expect at Zuan Yuan.
Looks like another yee sang? Look carefully. This is an interesting rendition of Caesar Salad but yee sang style!
Caesar Salad with Salmon and Grated Parmesan Cheese Yee Sang
Juicy and refreshing with a subtle hint from the cheese. 
Yee Sang comes with a toss of good bidding before we toss it high. This amazing waiter said them all right and with a happy smile. Yes, it was definitely a good and promising start to our meal at Zuan Yuan.
Roasted Chicken and Duck Platter with Marinated Jellyfish
A mix platter of chicken and duck. If you love roast ducks and I mean good halal roast ducks, then Zuan Yuan is a must visit even if its not CNY. 
Wok Fried Tiger Prawns with Vietnamese Five-spiced Powder
Huge tiger prawns with crunchy shell and a very delicious coating of Vietnamese five-spiced powder. Finger licking good!
Steamed Golden Star Grouper with Pickles, Chillies and Garlic
This is definitely my favourite dish for the day. Steamed just right in a sauce mix of superior soy sauce, pickles, chillies and garlic that complimented the naturally sweetness of this fish. The fish was fresh and I wasted none of it and proceeded to devour the head and eyes too. Don't squirm! When a fish is fresh, the cheeks and eyes are really yummy!
Braised Sliced Abalone, Mushrooms, Sea Moss and Beancurd with Garden Greens
A common dish but I must credit Chef for using very good grace mushrooms and braising them long enough to bring out the best flavours of the mushrooms.
Steamed Rice with Yam, Assorted Preserved Meats and Chicken Sausages in Lotus Leaves
Generous topping of halal waxed meats and chicken sausages steamed with fluffy rice and yummy cubes of yam. Love how it also bears the subtle fragrance of lotus leaves.
Chilled Sea Coconut with Peach Gum, Lotus Seeds, Snow Lotus Seeds and Red Dates
One of my fave tongsui anytime of the year. Refreshing and works wonders to cool down the body.
 Deep Fried `Nian Gao’ with Banana Cream

Lobby Level
One World Hotel
Petaling Jaya
T: +603 7681 1159

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