Eat Well, Digest Well

Its more festive noms and celebrations with CNY peeping round the corner. Amazing festivities since Christmas and now we have more. YAY!!!

And while we feast away with those yummy and once a year goodies (that we tend to overeat), we should also exercise some caution. Do not over indulge in too much rich and sweet food. Bet you remember trying hard to squeeze into that pair of jeans or dress.

Or even though horrible heartburn and indigestion that leaves you in cold sweat. Contrary to what some think, heartburn is nothing to do with your heart burning. Heartburn is a condition that is normally caused by acid reflux. You experience a burning sensation inside your torso and chest because of acid regurgitation into the esophagus. In layman’s term, that the darn burning pain above your stomach and under your boobs.

On bad days, I get a sourish taste in my mouth. I love food and that is one of the worse things that can happen because I lose my appetite and my taste buds goes off for a few hours.

So practice some self discipline. Indulge wisely and moderately. And with all the feasting, you should keep some Gaviscon Double Action handy near you. Gaviscon helps to create a foam barrier in your stomach to keep the acids in the stomach and helps to neutralize the acid excess. The excess of acids can either “burn” your stomach lining or go upwards also knows as acid regurgitation into the esophagus.

Consume Gaviscon when you feel the familiar burn building up. Of course you stop eating as well when heartburn strikes mid meal. Best is just to let Gaviscon work its magic to relieve of heartburn and ease the indigestion.

My relationship with Gaviscon goes a long way. I think I was in my mid 20s when our family doctor started me on it as soon as it hit our shelfs. No turning back and these days I keep Gaviscon Double Action handy in my office, home and even my handbag. Thankfully it comes in different packaging of bottle, tablets and sachets so I can keep the convenient sachets in my handbag. These sachets are also convenient during my travels and I can easily bring them onboard flights!

I am no scientist or doctor. While Gaviscon aids to ease both heartburn and indigestion, I reckon that keeping the gut happy helps to minimize heartburns coupled with good practices of not over eating or over indulging in alcohol or stimulants like coffee. I normally start my mornings with a smoothie of fruits, vegetables or both combined with some yogurt or kefir to balance out the stomach acids. Or incorporate yogurt into my snacks. I also cap my coffee intake to a max of 2 cups a day because any more will normally trigger a painful heartburn attack. Each of us is different. Observe what triggers your heartburn and try not to repeat that dietary habit. And of course, pop Gaviscon Double Action to ease your heartburn attack and indigestion.
Some yogurt or kefir added into snacks or salads
Yogurt or kefir added into a smoothie or fruits and vegetables. A good source of vitamins and fibre necessary to keep a foodie like me healthy.

The folks at Gaviscon have a yummy photo campaign knowing so well that many of us have the “camera eat first” approach to our meals. The Eat Well, Digest Well Photo Contest is easy and straightforward. You have 2 options of submitting your pics:
• Snap pictures of your CNY meal
• Upload your best food shot with a creative caption.
• Make sure your account settings are set to ‘public’.
• Remember to hashtag
and tag @GavisconMY
• Snap pictures of your CNY meal
• Attach your entry photo and include the following details in the email:
(1) Full name
(2) Mobile number
(3) Creative caption
(4) Your email subject should be “Gaviscon Chinese New Year‚ Eat Well, Digest Well Photo Contest
• Email your entries to
Hurry and submit as many entries that you like. Contest ends on 29th February 2016

The winning entries stand to win amazing ang pow prizes:
• Grand Prize of Ang Pow worth RM2,288 x 3
• Weekly Prizes of Ang Pow worth RM188 x 3 (for 6 consecutive weeks)

Here’s some of my fave dishes every CNY and some dish ideas for you:P Good luck in the contest! Wait…wish me luck too coz I will be participating in the contest too!
Chinese waxed meat. Duck, pork, innards, geese…
Braised pork trotter with lots of fatt choy, sea cucumber, oysters and mushrooms. 

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