MesoLipo Fat Melting Injection

Some skinny girls have their own set of fat problem. Rolling your eyes reading that? Weighing on a yoyo of 45-46kg, I might look skinny but trust me I have parts that I could start a long essay on it. It is just me being girly. I can't live with that tummy. 

Yes, skinny with a tummy. I run quite a bit, do conditioning works, work with the core quite a bit because it is essential that runners have a strong core, blah blah but all that hasn't helped with one nagging problem. That darn piece of flab and fats below the belly button.

I don't qualify for liposuction and I certainly am not keen with anything invasive or requires me to go on a general anesthesia. I read that there are options of ridding the fat at specific areas - body contouring. One of the more effective treatments in the market is MesoLipo Fat Melting Injection.

A simple procedure that is conducted by doctors, not something that you do in beauty salons or even on your own. I read up on MesoLipo. A treatment made of natural soy bean lecithin and enzymes which are delivered to the troubled area via an injection. After each treatment, the compounds in MesoLipo will work over 2-3 weeks to dissolve small and stubborn fat deposits. These fat will then be processed by our body's lymphatic system. It did sound good. Gathered some guts and went ahead with MesoLipo Fat Melting Injection.

An appointment was made with Premier Clinic in TTDI clinic. The whole experience was pleasant. It starts off with me running through a form before I am ushered in for my consultation with Doctor Kee. Like you, the nurses and Doctor Kee are surprised that I complained of my stubborn piece of flab. I must have camouflaged it well before I lifted my tee to show it to them.

Aaaah...that piece of fat. Not much but irritating enough to be visible when I sit down or wear a figure hugging dress. Doctor Kee tells me that MesoLipo Fat Melting Injection will help me lose that flab. The amount of injections that I need will depend on how my body reacts and of course my lifestyle. 

I am then ushered off by the nurses to the treatment room. My weight, height etc is taken before the procedure begins. Prep work is done on the treatment spot which includes cleaning and numbing the area. 
Measurements being taken.
After the gel is applied, I am left in the room for 10 minutes or so. The lights are dimmed and I am kept comfortable - I almost could sleep if I wasn't busy playing games on my phone.
Ice block is then applied. It is comfortable for me as the ice is moved from spot to spot every couple of seconds and the rest of my body is keep warm with a cozy blanket.

Once the nurses are satisfied that I am sufficiently numbed, Doctor Kee swings into the treatment room. He explains again how the procedure will go. While he injects, a nurse will hold another device that is buzzes lightly. This helps to further numb and distract a patient from the injection.
Doctor Kee at work administering the injections. Not the nurses. It is important that qualified professionals like Doctor Kee are the ones doing the job.
I am not bothered with needles per se so I personally was quite amused by the whole procedure of Doctor Kee administering the injection to my fatty zone. Melt fats Melt!

The process of injection takes approximately 10 minutes. The nurses then clean up the treatment zone again and proceed to apply anica gel to soothe the area that was poked with the needles. Patients who opt for MesoLipo Fat Melting Injection will be given some Anica Gel for them to apply at home.

The nurses have contacted me to follow up on how I felt after the treatment a few hours later. I snapped a picture of the bruises to Whatsapp them. Apparently it is normal especially for folks like me who bruise easily. For most patients, the bruises goes off after a few days. Mine took close to 10 days - I am one of those who bruises easily and bruises last a bit longer than many other regular folks. There was no pain or discomfort despite the bruises and I was actually back training as usual the next day.
You are recommended to abstain from alcohol and exercising the treatment area for a couple of days.

For the next 2 weeks, life went on as usual. I thought I felt that my running skirt didn't seem to wrap the belly so well. I refused to measure on my own because I thought perhaps my mind was playing games on me.

I returned to Premier Clinic for my follow up appointment. Saw Doctor Kee and by now the bruises have all subsided. My measurements were taken and I am one happy girl The fatty area has reduced. Not much for some but with only one treatment and 2 weeks, I am impressed with what I see. 
MesoLipo Fat Melting Injection melts the fat away but it does not make you lose weight. That is perfectly what I was seeking for.  I lost 1cm in the middle and 1.5cm under the belly button! 

What was most satisfying personally was the body fat percentage drop. All these years, I have been having a body fat percentage that was rather high for someone my size. At one point I was even measuring at 30%. Surprise but it is true. In September 2015, I took was injured and could not run as much as I like. I did worry that my fat percentage would further shoot out. I made a resolution that I had to work on bringing my fat readings down. After 2.5 months of keeping my diet clean, doing strength works and cardio, the fat levels went down to 24.2%. 
And amazingly after 2 weeks and 1 MesoLipo Fat Melting Injection, the body fat percentage went down by 2% to 22.2%. I am excited and am contemplating another couple more sessions to help rid more of those stubborn fat that a clean diet and exercise hasn't helped me. 

MesoLipo Fat Melting Injection does not give you 6 packs. It does not make you lose weight. It helps to contour your troubled area. It helps with spot fat reduction and of course overall reduces your fat percentage. Proper healthy diet and exercise is still required for one to attain a practically "better" or “dream” figure. 
A little more work with the still slightly muffinish sides and under the belly button. I am not bitching about it but it is something personal to me that I wish to not see that piece of flabby fat. While many friends tell me that it is fine, I agree with them that I can live with it. But with an option to look and feel better without losing an arm or a leg for it, or killing myself over some mad diet and workout, I like the idea that MesoLipo can help me feel and look better. 

Is MesoLipo Fat Melting Injection for you? YES if you want an effective and quick procedure. However, my advise is that you head in to Premier Clinic and consult the doctors to see if you are a suitable candidate or if there are other better options for you based on your health, lifestyle and budget.

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