Volkswagen Beetle Club Edition

Volkswagen Beetle Club Edition --> Our cute ride for the weekend as we ushered in a brand new year with a runcation and of course a makan trip to Malacca. For us, the car is more than just a caravan of transport. Beyond point A to B or a certain symbol of status, cars are a way of life for us!

Which brings us to this Volkswagen Beetle Club Edition. A very orange bug that we have with us for the weekend. A certain somebody in history made a 'world car' that's iconic as it is easily identifiable and known as the Beetle today.  Every where we went, it lit a fire of conversations amongst people about the redux Beetle. We took it to a gathering of weekenders and you can see the beams of envious eyes. Kids and adults wanted a selfie with this Beetle. 
Gracie stays zen is the cutie red.
The stunner draws attention!
Inside out..from boys and girls alike.

The Volkswagen Beetle Club Edition certainly was a pick out automobile from the sea of other cars. There were lots of ohhhs and ahhhs, all positives. Honestly, we liked the attention it gathered. I guess this Volkswagen is about choices, and a reflection spontaneous, spaciousness and carefree life. 
A joy to drive. Not love at first sight. It is love renewed again and again.
Zippy and fun. Spontaneous. The kind of happy car that you jump into and get charged with happiness.

While this orange VW is the Beetle Club Edition, clad with colours of ‘Metallic Habanero Orange’ that might set Beetle from another but every VW Beetle on it’s own is about loving life. It carried lots of smiles on the faces wherever we went. How not to like the VW way of life especially when it was this cute? 50 units were allocated for Malaysia, I’m told all snapped up by individuals who knows about spontaneity.  THANK YOU Volkswagen Malaysia for this very fun ride for our trip.

The Volkswagen Beetle Club Sport 
• Bug Specs:  Forever Loving Life
• Wheels: Drive to you hearts content forever 17
• Interior: Occasionally once the magic is turn on, the driver's biggest grin is reflected on the mirrors
• Exterior: The original Bumblebee 
• Leather trim: Totally looking cool leather all season
• Cosmetics: Bi-xenon diamond eyes (blink blink)
• Engine: A lovely purring heart (1.2L TSI engine)
• Gearbox:  It shifts faster than you can count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
• Safety: No disputes here
• Weight: Lighter than Donald Trumps Ego
• Top Speed: No issues to getting to you mall and back  
• Acceleration  0-100 kmh:  All admirers swooning when the club Beetle accelerates pass them
• Fuel consumption: With such frugality, there isn’t a need to consider Hybrids. One full tank took us to and fro Malacca with some food trail thrown in along the way.
No doubt about the fuel efficiency. To and fro Malacca with extra petrol to spare for the week at work.
Bi-xenon diamond eyes
Fun factor and reliability 

Anyone putting their Beetle Club Edition up for sale?

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