MaxisONE Goes Overseas

Travelling overseas? Whether you are travelling for work or leisure, you can bring your MaxisONE plan along with you. 

For the first time ever, MaxisONE postpaid customers can take their MaxisONE plan with them overseas and use it just as they do at home. Go ahead to make, receive unlimited calls, SMS and your data plan when you are overseas. To top it up you are also entitled to 500MB of high-speed roaming quota every day and travel insurance. All these for RM38/day.

While this is only available to the 8 ASEAN countries now i.e. Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia and Laos, this will soon include other Asia Pacific countries too.

All you need to do is to activate the MaxisONE World Pass when you reach your destination by switching on Data Roaming on your device settings. 
The following video will give you a better explanation of the whole works.

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