PureBOOST X: A Running Shoe Designed By Women, Exclusively For Women

Nothing sexist to that statement but that was what caught my eyes and attention when I first read about PureBOOST X. Finally there is a pair of shoes that takes into consideration the biological make of women e.g. more stretchable ligaments and bone structures. Other than being girly looking, there's actually difference to the foot of women and men. Here's my humble thoughts after approximately 90km of running and perhaps close to 20km of walking.

I love the looks and feel of it. Even in blue and red instead of the floral design, I find it feminine. There is something to the shape. Many shoes begin with a prototype for men and are then colour coded for women with touches of pastels or floral patterns. The PureBOOST X is wider in front where the foot of the ball is and narrower on the heel. This is based on a woman's natural foot shape which is narrower at the arch and heel while being wider at the ball of the foot. This is starters to looking "feminine" in terms of shape.

The stretch mesh gives a snug and "huggy look". This also gives the PureBOOST X a narrower / smaller look and feel.

What the Runner thinks:
The midsole is entirely made of Boost. This is a time proven Adidas feature for cushioning and the bouncy feel. Something that I am familiar with and must say the very reason I enjoyed my 3 pairs of UltraBOOST. The same cushion feel is packed into the midsole but what it really interesting is that the PureBOOST X also gives me a lovely road feel. Its a slightly minimalist feel that I personally enjoy but with the needed cushioning. 

The Stretchweb outsole is designed to allow for flex to allow the foot to maintain a comfortable form or movement change.This is something that I appreciate especially with the uneven road conditions where I regularly train in. This proves just as comfortable for boring loops around the concrete or cobblestone pavements in parks. It being flexible, I must say I enjoyed a class of Zumba in it too. 
The usual concrete pathways in parks where I have been doing my easy 3km loops and carrying my 8.5kg furball for her walks. (She's 12 and almost blind so walkies like this give her a chance to sniff out fresh air outside our condo ground).

With the slightly minimalist feel, I will have to advise that you go easy with your mileage build up unless you have been going around with minimalist shoes. I do spend quite a bit of time with minimalist shoes but I still took some precaution and started with a 5km then 10km before I moved on to 20km. It is the very same precaution that one should take with any new shoes.

The knit mesh feel like I am wearing a pair of knitted socks.  Quite an airy feeling and it dried fast from sweat even after a sockless 20km run. I have 3x20km and multiple 15km runs in the PureBOOST X but I will probably not go further than a Half Marathon without socks in this shoes because I am a heavy sweater and my shoes were quite drenched when I completed my runs.
Third run was 20km. 

I would advise that you wear your race socks when shopping for your PureBOOST X. The shoes has a snug feel and being a UK4.5, I can't wear my usual compressions socks with the UK4.5. Which brings me to owning a second pair at size UK5 which felt perfectly comfortable when I did a hot 12km heat training at 3pm and 20km run. If you run short distances, then going sockless will be fine.

The floating arch looks good. I must say that 9 out 10 persons who commented about the PureBOOST X noted the arch. It looks good but it also serves to give the much needed support for the arch. It is a neutral shoe but for a flat footer like me, I find that this floating arch seems to have an adaptive ability to stretch / mould to my foot needs. Every step feels supported, I feel the urge to take another step - a combination of the arch and of course the BOOST soles. This is also the very same feature that makes me want to run more even though the legs may have been tired out after 5 straight days of running (62km in total) - bringing me back to my pre injury weekly mileage a tad too easily. Highly recommended if you are feeling lazy and need that extra push to get moving!

What the Girly Girl thinks:
PureBOOST X looks soooooo pretty. And I am talking about the lovely striking blue red. Wait till I lay my hands on the floral version or maybe the slick black that makes it so easy to mix and match for casual non training days!
The girly prints
This being the Chinese New Year hurrayday season, I am glad that the vibrant colours looked good for the season. Of course it was also pretty effortless to match it to dresses or jeans! 

One test of running onto a wet road however resulted in my feet getting wet. This is a common problem with all knit mesh shoes and my UltraBOOST. I reckon this is not an exception for the PureBOOST X but the fact that it dried fairly fast with a nice airy feel, I have no complains though I must say, I am not too sure what happens if it were to be a rainy wet run? Only time will tell.

I wish I could take out the insole for washes after the run. The insole is "sewn" to the shoes, so I have to wash the whole pair of shoes after a major sweat out.

The back of the shoe is a tad high so if you are not used to not wearing socks with your regular trainers, you might find yourself feeling a slight discomfort. So I will say that socks is a better idea with the PureBOOST X. 

110km later:
35km to size UK5 and 75km to size UK4.5 9, this has to be my favourite pair of adidas. Priced at RM419, I will say the PureBOOST X is a good buy. Plus they look good too...something that the girly girl in me is super pleased! 
Run Missy Run

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