Slide The City

Slide The City made its splashes in Malaysia couple of months back. Tonnes of fun for both old and young, never mind that it was a hot weekend. The troopers, hubster and I had an amazing Saturday with our unlimited rides. Hot, tiring but so much fun that we are looking forward for the 2016 edition.

Much fun and even though we did not snap much pics, I believe the following pics will give you a general idea of the awesome time we had.
Peaceful and very hot Putrajaya!
Collection of our floats was quick and easy. The youngest trooper came along but she could not join the fun because even if she was taller than the height limits, she was underaged. This year you can join us and get wet OK baby Hailey?
Wait time is perfect for selfies, wefies and shooting people with your water gun. So make sure your phone is in a waterproof casing or bring your GoPro!
Jump and slideeeeeeeeee
Sliding downnnnnn fast!
Yayyyy this is fun!
Sorry KorKor, I have no brakes!
Legs up and hang on to your float / donut as we call it.
The more you spin, the funner it gets!
The hubster became a big child and went for as many rounds as he could. OK. I did the same too!
Face up is equally fun! Remember your sunblock!
Hello there! You will be making many new friends there. Note that her handphone is in a ziplock bag. Smart girl!
Emily certainly enjoyed herself and gave me a thumb up every time she came out from the pool.
Another thumb up. Lost count has many times she went down the slide.
They certainly had fun too!
Why is the walk up to the start point so far? It seemed nearer when we were sliding down!
THANX CY for this pic! 
Happiness is when we are all wet and sunkissed!
Sliding down and walking up the ramp is hungry business. While we packed ourselves our usual picnic basket, we could not resist buying from the food trucks because freshly prepared food smells so mouthwatering! 
Ample tents for participants to rest and have their meals. That's where we parked baby Hayley who made new friends to play with while waiting for us.
Kiddos wanted a pic with T.R. Gourley who is the founder of Slide The City.
Our must have jump because Slide The City was super fun. You get us doing jump shots unless we had good fun!
See how hot it really is? Our hair dried up within 15 minutes of us coming out from our last ride! Honestly, we all wanted to jump back into the slide. Hahaha!
Baby Hayley holds on to my float because she wants to use it in the pool when we get home and so that I remember to bring her to the next Slide The City when it happens later this year.

Being the first Slide The City in Malaysia, I must say it was very well executed with the only hope that the next one will feature longer slides and a stronger water pressure. Also hopefully the organisers will be more strict to ensure that kids that are under height (who obviously were like the height of 5 year olds). While the slides are not that fast, these kids are vulnerable in case bigger folks tumble or crash into them. And hopefully the parents exercise some common sense too to bear in mind that anything can happen to a small child in such slippery conditions.

That being said, I am personally impressed that the organisers took into consideration changing tents and suraus. Bravo!

Am certainly looking forward to the next edition of Slide The City. Looking at the information on the website, it seems like we will be seeing them in Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Malacca, Kuantan, Penang and Genting Highlands. Stay tuned to their website or FB page for more info and grab your tics as soon as they are available!
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