Bye bye Malaysia. Hello Nepal.

Bye bye Malaysia. Hello Nepal.

I am off for a trip to Laprak, Nepal under the programme Adopt A Village.  A last minute decision since the window opened with one last spot for a volunteer when my initial idea was to go in Q4 this year so that I have time to save up and shop for the necessary gears when I return to Gold Coast.

Disconnected from the main world but connected to the folks and nature in Laprak. Lots of running around town in the last one week plus to get my air ticket, gears, insurance, stuff to bring along for the children and folks there who saw their village flattened by the massive earthquake in April 2015. Thankfully everything is in order and I fly off in a while after lots of packing and repacking.
Chewable vitamins for the kids with lots of other things including books, clothes, toys etc.

What happens to my training for 2 races in April as soon as I return? I just have to figure something out when I am up in Laprak. I ask that you keep my team members and I in your prayers and mond. Please send us all the good vibes that this mission will be a good and successful one as we work with the kids and also help rebuild the village as much as we can. Stay tuned for a scheduled post next week on how you can assist to rebuild Laprak.

I will be pretty much not contactable most times. Nevertheless, do pop by to the following channels for some probable updates and to show some love too!

PS: Awesome cover picture courtesy of Uncle Maxby. Check out his website for more awesomeness. You can also read more about one of the trips to Laprak