Goodness Greens Cafe

For those who love clean eating, no nonsense vegetarian and vegan, then Goodness Greens Cafe will be the perfect playground for you as much as it is for me. While some may be rolling their eyes on the idea of having cow food, you will be in for a surprise when you visit. Think along of eating rainbows... rainbows make you happy... and when you eat real food with rainbow colours, you feel good both in and out.

After our initial visit after my long run, the hubster and I found ourselves returning on a few occasions. Some days its because we were in the TTDI neighbourhood (thank God for a new client round the corner) and on other occasions because the hubster craved clean eats. Yes, that man that loves his bloody steaks and fried chicken admits that clean eats are really delicious and not boring!

If you need to go on a touch and go basis, then at least have some juices! 100% cold pressed juice with no added sugar or whatsoever tasty as we make them at home minus the hassle of washing up! And if water is added, then only alkaline water is used. Agave nectar is used as a sweetener in almond milk though I would personally like my almond milk unsweetened.
Anything with cucumber, lemon and apples are top on our favourite ingredients for juices.
And because eating rainbows is good, we opt for non green colour juices too.
And if you need some more intense boost, then check out the tiny but potent boosters that you can add to your juice or take it neat:
• Vital Shot - ginger, lemon and wildflower honey (boost immunity, anti bacteria and sore throat relief)
• The Defender - turmeric, lemon, wildflower honey, cayenne and ginger (anti inflammatory, fat burning and boost immunity)
• Power Cider - apple cider vinegar, beetroot, orange and cilantro (boost energy, improves digestion and cholesterol control)

Soups are tops on my list to start off a meal. Easy and quick to eat and they pack loads of nutrition in every sip. Goodness Green Cafe whips out Super Soups RM9.90. Made from scratch with creamy almond milk, take your pick of zucchini, pumpkin, carrot - rosemary and mushroom. 

GG Dip RM13.90 is a tasty blend of spinach, mozzarella and served with baguettes. This is a popular dish with parents trying to introduce kids to vegetables. Yummeh and perhaps Goodness Greens Cafe can also offer diners with options of vegie sticks e.g. cucumber, celery and carrots instead of just breads?

Yay to the ideas of choosing the ingredients for our own salads. 3 simple steps:
• Choose your salad size – Petit (RM14.90), Medium (RM18.90) or Grand (RM23.90).
• Choose the ingredients that will go into your salad.
• Choose the dressing to go with your salad.
The tricky part is choosing which ingredients because there are so many delicious options! In our case, I opted for Grand since I was sharing it with the hubster and because I wanted avocado which is one of my preferred choice for protein when I opt for vegetarian and/or vegan meals. Grand includes option of meats for those who can't forego meats in their meals. For your salad base, you can opt for brown rice, mix salad leaves, romaine lettuce or warm potatoes. The dressing maybe tossed with the salad or served separately with the latter being mu preferred choice.
Base: mix salad leaves
5 mains: boiled omega eggs, edamame, roasted cauliflower in turmeric, grilled mushroom and japanese cucumber
2 supplementary: pine nuts and cheese
1 prime: avocado
Dressing: Orange poppy seed
Orange poppy seed dressing.

For those who love granolas or even breakfast bowls, then the Pittaya Bowl RM18 and Acai Berry Bowl RM24 are highly recommended.We opted for Acai Berry. A lovely cold bowl of filling goodness of shredded coconut, granola, banana, strawberries, chia seeds, cacao nibs and bee pollen. Love the cacao nibs that I hope to be able to buy them for my nibbles for my next ultra marathon.
Spot the trainers? Well, that's because I made Goodness Greens Cafe my start and finish point for my run. Perfect spot to end my run with nutritious noms to refuel after my training.

I am a picky granola person. I hate overly sweet ones. Goodness Greens Cafe serves up a good homemade Granola Bowl RM15 with a generous serving of crunchy granola served with almond milk and seasonal fruits. And if you need more almond milk, then you can always request for more!
Breakfast granola bowl for breakfast, lunch and dinner...I like that idea!
Pretty bowl of goodness. Take your time to munch and enjoy the flavours!

Love coffee? Love almond milk? Then you will be pleased to know that you can have a vegan latte here! Vatte RM11 (hot) or RM12 (cold) is a good caffeine fix. Other coffee options include Espresso, Americano, Latte and Babycino. There's tea options for those who don't want coffee.
Complimentary chlorophyll  drink to improve our hydration levels.

There's so much to like in Goodness Green Cafe. It is hard to choose so you might end up returning to check out all the yummy good eats. And after a few visits...I reckon my all time faves would be Beet Aid (apple, beetroot, ginger, lemon and carrot) to go with a creamy carrot-rosemary. Vegan, delicious and perfect after a run! What about you?

Goodness Greens Cafe
Jalan Dato Sulaiman
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
Landmark: Same row with Grumpy Cyclist and D’Legends Bar
T: +603 7732  0235

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