MTV Trax

If you love music and love to have them with you anywhere and anytime, then you will love to have MTV Trax installed into your mobile device! 100 of the latest music on the go without irritating ads or lame DJs to irrritate you...just pure music!

MTV Trax is  the latest mobile digital service by MTV in Malaysia and is designed specifically for mobile usage with customizable shareable playlist and favorites. You can download it for FREE. Available for both iOs, Android and Windows users. Music fans can enjoy unlimited play and listen to the latest hits offline from any location even when you don't have data or wifi. Awesome maximus!

Some of my favourite features of this app:
• I can tune in to the latest top tracks from MTV anywhere and anytime. Right now, as you read this post, I am enjoying my music in Laprak, Nepal with no data or wifi. 
• MTV Trax is also be set to automatically refresh daily so it is constantly features 100 of the hottest music to accompany me for my morning post run stretches. Of course these latest songs are awesome company when I get bored on my long runs.
Running 30km can get boring if its loops around the park on a hot sunny day. Each time when I stop for a refuel, I take the opportunity to recharge myself with a song from MTX Trax. After that I continue with my run mentally refreshed. 
• I can even choose my favourite tracks. This also means that you can set themed playlists to match my mood or needs. Right now Alan Walker's Faded works for my run and pylometrics workouts.
• I have started my very boring dreadmill threadmill sessions thanx to the awefiul haze season. Since my home gym is without TV, the selection of songs under Fitness Time comes in handy. Smack That by Akon bring back good memories of my MMA days.

Give it a try. It is a FREE download and you can enjoy unlimited play for 2 weeks!
Step 1: Download and install MTV Trax MY on your mobile devise at the Apple App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store.
Step 2: Claim your 2 week free trial for unlimited access when you sign-up through your Facebook or Gmail.
Step 3: Start listening and enjoy all your favourite MTV hits. Explore settings to get a fully customizable experience from MTV Trax.
Step 4: Share your MTV Trax experience in a blog post or article that best summarises how you woke up to the best new music everyday!

Subscription after the 2 weeks free trial is available in 2 options.
• Access 60 tracks per month on shuffle play for free on ‘Lite’ mode.
• Premium subscription is available monthly similar to your 2 weeks free trial. Priced at US$2.99 (iOS)/ US$1.70 (Android/Windows) per month.
Digi subscribers who have activated Digi Music Freedom can download the app’s content at no data charge.

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