Thieves of my Heart: Laprak

I am home from a 10-day trip to Nepal with most times spent in Laprak. A beautiful village with even more beautiful people who have risen to rebuild their lives after last years's massive earthquake. 

The quake measured 7.8 on the Richter Scale with Laprak being the epicentre of the quake in Gorkha region. Many villagers have now moved up to a new village at 2700m from their previous village that was at 2100m. Much colder, water is scarce while some opted to stay back at their old place that is more unstable especially when the rainy season starts. These folks are resilient, both old and young. And over the time spent there, I learnt that the Laprakis are a group of loyal people with much of the rebuilding happening because the folks who were working elsewhere actually returned immediately upon knowing of the quake to help their own fellow villagers.

While I take some time to process my photos and gather my thoughts, here's some pics of the people who have stolen my heart. Both old and young are thieves of my heart. These faces and smiles have compelled me to return to Laprak and perhaps for a longer stint.
Young, happy and no memory of what happened on 25th April 2015.
An old survivor who lives to tell his tale.
An old lady who has such a pretty smile though she doesn't agree with me about it. I love how her smile reaches her eyes.
Little survivors who shout "Namaste" to us. Blessings to you too lil ones. Grow up strong!
2 old ladies from the old folks home. Frail as they look, the one on the left walks effortlessly barefoot. I have to speed up to play catchup with her.
Lil preschoolers all excited with the colouring materials that we brought along.
Still like a refugee camp but much better. Yes it is tapaulin sheets for walls and roofs for some now.
He is not heavy...he is my brother.
Such beautiful smiles and gentle people.
A group pic with the boarding school kids who I wish to also. Say hello to my awesome Malaysian and Lapraki #AdoptAVillage teammates

You can read more about this trip from Uncle Maxby's sharing in Photo Safari: There will be a trip to Laprak coming up in May 2016 that you might be keen to join with all proceeds of the trip going straight to the Laprak for them to rebuild their lives faster as Government aid has been slow to reach them. 

My journey from Kuala Lumpur -  a four and half hours flight with Airasia, 7 hours drive from Kathmandu and 3 hours trek from Barpak wasn't a long journey but it has been the most memorable ever. An experience that I will love to do again and this time spend more time with the thieves of my heart.

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