Recipe: Clear Minestrone

I love soups and honestly I will love to have soups everyday for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are such comforting meals that's generally easy to prepare. Over the week, I made clear minestrone soup for dinner. 30 minutes quickie meal smack after work. Made a big pot that was enough for us to have it for dinner and breakfast the next day.

Admitedly, my versions of minestrone are always thick. "Stoups" like how Rachael Rae describes them. Thicker than soup but thinner than stew.

I also love making my own broths so that I can whip out soups, stews and porridge instantly without the need of using packet or bottled broths that in my personal opinion are always laden with MSG or flavourings. Broths that are made are kept in the freezer. Vegetable broths are normally my favourite with a little anchovies or chicken carcass.

It is clear minestrone as I wasn't keen to use canned tomato puree or any canned ingredients. Neither did I have any leftover homemade tomato puree from my previous pizza night. So yes, this is a made from scratch easy minestrone recipe!
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 large onion
2 medium carrots
1 stalk of Japanese leek
4 garlic cloves
3 medium potatoes
120g cabbage
4 medium tomatoes
120g green beans / French beans
Freshly chopped parsley for garnishing
2 table spoon Italian herbs mix
1 bay leave
Black pepper and salt to taste
1 litre broth

• Chop garlic finely.
• Cube potatoes, carrots and tomatoes the same size (approximately 1.5cm).
• Cut cabbage into approcimately 4cm squares
• Slice Japanese leek and French beans.
• Sauté onion, carrots and potatoes in olive oil until onions are translucent.
• Add garlic, bay leaves, tomatoes, Italian herb mix and leek and sauté till properly mixed.
• Add cooked ingredients and cabbage to 1 litre of boiling broth. I used a mix of chicken vegetables broth.
• Cook for 15 to 30 minutes or until potatoes soften.
• Serve with bread.
PS: I had left over Talley's Greenshell mussels from the #NZFoodConnection challenge Garlic Herb Mussels, so I added them into the stoup. Cooked them in them in the stoup for 3 minutes before scooping them out into bowls. Didn't have time to bake for dinner so resorted to buying some sesame baguette from Komugi. The stoup was so good that we finished a whole stick of baguette.

Because I cooked such a big pot for 2 persons, we had enough for breakfast the next morning! Served it with some homemade no knead bread this time.
One pot meal that goes well for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even takeaway for office!
Making bread at home is an amazing process. The smell of freshly baked bread is such a gorgeous smell to wake up to. Even my neighbours tell me that on mornings that I bake our own bread.
If you use 1 can of tomato puree or canned tomatoes, you will get an orangey minestrone. So this is a nice alternative if you want a clear soup. I also omitted the usual red kidney and Canalini because I didn't have any in the larder. Plus the hubster wasn't a big fan of beans in general.

Preparation and cooking took me 30 minutes. Definitely a quickie one pot meal perfect for busy weekdays. Extras keep very well too for quick thaw meals that you can bring to office too.

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