Craze Ultra 100 Miles

100 miles or 160.934km Craze Ultra 2016. That's my new adventure and perhaps the biggest running challenge that I am taking up for 2016. Am I nuts? I guess the answer is yes. YES to be interested in signing up. A bigger YES for confirming and signing up for it.

A lovely 100 miles across Singapore with a cut off time of 32 hours, flagging off at 7am Saturday 3 September 2016 from MacRitchie Reservoir. The lovely 100 miles will take me through Mandai Road, Woodlands Waterfront, Sembawang Road, Yishun Ave 6 Blk 406, Lorong Halus Wetland and Visitor Centre, Pasir Ris Green, Bedok Reservoir Park and then a U-turn through all the earlier check points to end at MacRitchie Reservoir. I am terribly excited. A tad scared too because the furthest I ever covered was 92km during #Putra24.
Absolutely exciting! 
Some of the terrain that I can expect to run, walk, crawl or even roll. OK, I am joking. I like to run and walk with no whatsoever injuries!

Come join me if you think you are nuts enough! Take your pick of 43km Solo, 74km Solo, 101km Solo and 100 Miles Solo. And if you are doing 101km or 100 miles, take note that:
" There will be a unique souvenir for every:

100 Miles Individual Finisher
101km Individual Finisher
There are no prizes for this event.  The best prize is your achievement."

And to see myself there at the finish line as a certified nut who completed 100 miles, I need to always remember:
"...The answer lies in the fact that there are many stressors on race day, and success in an ultramarathon has far more to do with your ability to cope with the sum total of those stressors than with just the capacity of your cardiovascular system.

How you handle those other stressors determines whether you succeed due to lack of failure."

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