Electric Run 2016 by ShellFuelSave

Joined the Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave last weekend. The heavy rains did nothing to dampen the spirit of the Electric Run participants. The run went on as planned. Kicked off at 830p.m. with loads of energy, music to get everyone moving on their feet. Yes, the folks ran, walked and some danced along the route even if the rain did come and go.

I arrived around 6p.m. to collect my kit. Only gripe is that parking fees went up to RM15 this year. That aside, driving was still the most convenient especially when I wanted to stay back till the end for the concert and fireworks. Collection of the kits were done quite quickly thanx to the efficient and super friendly Livescape folks.

All geared up and ready to start, the rain came pouring. Everyone scrambled for shelter. It was good to note that the organisers also distributed raincoats to the participants. I received a blue one that worked pretty well even when it was raining elephants and hippopotamus. 
Rain rain go away. We want to have run and have fun in the Electric Run 2016.

A lil of waiting but the folks I was with were a pretty fun bunch. They chatted away and busied themselves painting on each other. Some decorated their clothes and shoes with the glow sticks. And when we flagged off in waves of approximately 1,000 runners, it was an electrifying sight of participants.
Face painting with neon paints
Fireworks to kick start Electric Run 2016
Such a gorgeous sight when we are all glowing! It is all about letting our creative juices flow.

I see a repeat of courselands in the early stretch of the run. No complaints because it is still a refreshing sight per se with the lights and music in the background. 2 additional courselands were made by University of Creative Technology's students.
Neffmau5 Land
Twinkle twinkle little stars!
I love this floating umbrella stretch. There's something enchanting with these colourful umbrellas.
Candy Land...I am on a sugar rush!
Bubble fun!
It was dark but our reflective paints, reflective gears, glow sticks and lights from the courseland provided sufficient light for us to walk and run with ease.
One of the 2 courselands designed by Limkokwing University of Creative Technology 

More than just music and a run, I personally enjoyed the Shell FuelSave's messages all along the 6km plus route. There was also plenty of recycle bins for participants to dispose off their rubbish except for a few not so civic minded participants who still chose to litter despite the many conveniently located bins!
Shell gives back to the community including children!

And one very impressive feature of Electric Run 2016 would have to be world’s first Shell FuelSave Do More LED Maze. This interactive maze features seven distinctive neon zones designed to help capture the passions and experiences that runners can enjoy and do more of when they are more efficient. Runners who took selfies at each zone were rewarded with with a special goodie bag containing gifts from Lazada, Bfab, Celebrity Fitness, Soleus, Karrimor, Touch ‘n Go and Wall’s. More than just rewards, these gifts go well to inspire runners to do more in life and on the road with Shell FuelSave. 

And more than just fun in the maze, all Maze runners had a hand in deciding what Shell Malaysia would be donating to children in need. Maze runners simply needed to drop a glow stick into a collection box of their choice and the highest amount of glow stick pledges becomes the cause that Shell will support -  school uniforms, school bags or school shoes. This certainly went well with me because I believe that children have right to education and they should be facilitated to enjoy the process of education comfortably. 

The run ends with participants enjoying the concerts by international superstars, Nico & Vinz, alongside a host of talented local musicians including SonaOne, Twinkies, H3, and ABeatC. And of course fireworks to mark the end of the night.

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