New Surprises @ Okonomi, Publika

We love Okonomi in Publika because we get to choose the ingredients that go into our sushi or salad bowl. Well, for lazy to think days, we discovered that the ala carte menu is not just a good idea but is pretty delish as well.

Nothing boring with the ala carte menu. From appetizers to sushi rolls, rice and pasta meal complete with desserts, it was a good night out for the hubster and our pal C.
Tutti Fruitti Salad RM18.90
A juicy bowl of fruits including mango, kiwifruits on a bed of mixed greens and cherry tomatoes with cheddar dressing. I will prefer not to have the cornflakes though I understand this must e really popular based on how diners beside our table were happily looking for more cornflakes:D
Soft Shell Crab RM28.90
Crispy soft shell crab served with a side of salad.
Baked Lobster Avocado RM18.90
A very popular dish at Okonomi and we are not surprised. Oven baked lobster in an avocadowith marinated lobster, mushroom, grated parmesan and tobiko. A squeeze of lemon adds depth to this quaint dish. 
Seafood Gratin Pasta RM23.90
Crab meat, prawns, salmon and mushroom served with rich creamy pasta. A hearty meal!
The Firecracker RM21.90
Japanese tuna, cucumber, hot chili, birds eye chili and spices packed into a sushi roll. The name as it suggest is a real firecracker and is not for the faint hearted even if you skip the birds eye chili.
Unagi Roll RM32.90
A familiar roll with delightful ingredients of seaweed, egg, avocado, sesame seed and grilled unagi.

And what's the fun of visiting Okonomi and not having fun with creating your own dish? So C had fun choosing ingredients for her salad bowl. RM15.90 for a regular bowl with 3 standard ingredients, 1 sauce and 1 topping. In our bowl, we have avocado, baby octopus, tobacco, jelly fish, sesame salad dressing on a bed of mixed greens.

What's a meal without desserts? Green tea items still remains top on my list after a few visits. This time however,  we also checked out the Chocolate Parfait. Delightful enough because the husbter refused to share it with anyone of us!
Chocolate Parfait RM18.90
Soft Serve Anmitsu RM12.90
Matcha Azuki Shiratama Latte RM14.90

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