Superthai Restaurant @ Damansara Utama

The name is simple - Superthai. Dishes that are served look the same as they do on the menu. Nothing pretentious but just pure tasty Thai food cooked on demand. And yes the menu has pork in it. No wonder we are looking at a good crowd everyday even though there has only been one blog review thus far. Word of mouth must have been selling this place really well!

Superthai Restaurant might look a tad hidden but rest assured if your eyes serve you well, you will see the lil signage. Go up the staircase and slide the heavy black door. Be ready for a delightful Thai meal.

The menu design is unpretentious and simple. And this is reflected too with its dishes. It was a girls' night out and we definitely did go on an eating spree. We wanted this, this, this, this....and how does 5 girls finish the food? Well, when food is good, girls can be bottomless pits!
A simple menu and you can just look, point, chat a while then dig into your food. Service is fast. People came, ordered, ate and left. Of course if you choose to linger, no harm doing so over more desserts, drinks or even wine. This place does not charge for corkage when you bring your own wine. And honestly, the menu has some pretty good dishes to go with wine or even whisky!
A refreshing cold Lemongrass RM2 to kickstart our girly dinner.
Luncheon Meat Fried Rice RM16
Comfort food of fluffy Thai rice with eggs and luncheon meat. A huge serving for sharing. I know of guys who would certainly love to have this huge plate on their own! And if you prefer something non pork, then the Fried Rice with Crab Meat RM18 is also a good alternative!
Crispy Omelette RM12
Crispy on the outside and still soft inside. A popular dish amongst the diners with almost every table ordering one of this dish!
Fried Kang Kong RM12
Plain stir fry with garlic and fermented soy bean. This plain but nevertheless very tasty is also a regular Thai style in many Thai homes. A tad plain but compliments the heavy flavours for many
of Superthai Restaurant's dishes. Being non spicy, this is also a good dish if anyone has kids 
dining with them.
Flame Grilled Pork Belly RM25
Succulent bites of slightly caramelised and juicy pork belly. Addictive and it helps that it is served with some plain salad on the side. 
Flame Grilled Pork Neck RM27
Another pork galore that is also popular with diners. Good on its own or with a dip into the slightly garlicky chili sauce.
Soft Bone Chicken Knuckle RM18
Crispy batter with sesame coats each piece of chicken cartilage. This dish taste exactly like how I remembered having them 
(Aan Gai Tod) in Thailand with some nice cold beer.
Stuffed Squid RM28
This would be my favourite for the night. Each squid is stuffed with a generous filling of mince pork. Served with a very appetizing garlic chili lime sauce that I loved so much that I ended up adding the sauce into my fried rice. 
Sorry but I can't resist showing another picture of the Stuffed Squid. Are you drooling yet?
Red Tom Yum RM8
No Thai meal is complete without tomyam.  
Red Ruby Jack Fruit RM10
There is only one dessert on the menu and I am glad that it is Red Ruby. Fragrant jack fruit and crunchy water chestnut in a rich coconut base. Absolutely refreshing after our rich, spicy and a tad heavy dinner.

Superthai also has a set menu of 6 options for the working crowd. Crowd pleaser dishes served with rice, tomyam and a drink priced at RM15 and RM18. 

Superthai Restaurant definitely has made its way to another of our favourite places in Damansara Utama. Simple and comforting Thai dishes that will definitely make porky lovers happy.
29, Jalan SS21/1A
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya
+603 7710 5888

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