The Greenies: Healthy Salads in a Jar

Mason Jars seem to be making a come back. The Greenies launched a couple of weeks back. There are 8 flavours for now. Personally I am thrilled with having another option of healthy eats in town. Plus the folks at The Greenies also have vegan options!

The Greenies certainly come in handy if you don't have your own kitchen or even time to prep your meals. In my case, these jars came handy when I was travelling and didn't have time to stock up my kitchen for my usual meal preps. Am looking forward to The Greenies being available in more places!
The Greenies keep well in the fridge for 2 to 3 days. Conveniently packed in a jar. All one needs to do is to remove them from the fridge. Shake it for 45 seconds to a minute for the ingredients to mix the ingredients. I found it fun and enjoyed the mini exercise of shaking the bottle. 
Bottled and sealed. Keep your Greenies refrigerated.
Each bottle fits snugly in my hand. Hold it well and shake it for a minute. It is really up to you whether to use one hand or two. I switched hands after 30 seconds so that both hands work
for their meal.
Superfoods RM15
I shook this for a minute to get the quinoa all nicely mixed with the salad greens, broad beans
and sunflower seeds. Love the fresh flavours of parsley, mint and preserved lemons that 
complimented the rich nutty goodness of the sunflower seeds and quinoa. A hearty and absolutely delicious vegan option!
Satisfying goodness of quinoa, broad beans, sunflowers seeds, salad greens, parsley,
preserved lemon and olive oil.
Mortar Pestle Pesto RM13
This requires approximately 45 seconds of shaking to get it all nicely mixed up. A balanced meal of protein and carbs. Rich and creamy goodness in a jar. Fusili pasta, roasted chicken, pesto, parmigiano reggiano, sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. 

Real and wholesome food packed in jars! And that makes The Greenies really appealing for me and I believe anyone who love fresh and clean eats! For more information:

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