Through the eyes of South Georgia – Watch, Respect, Capture

In 2014, Bonnie Yap raised RM79,000 for Assunta Hospital’s Social Welfare Outpatient Programme. This year, Bonnie sets out to do the same but with pictures from her 2015 trip to South Georgia Islands in Falkland. Titled “Through the eyes of South Georgia” – Watch, Respect, Capture, you will be mesmerised how Bonnie managed to capture the images and emotions of the wildlife. Catch them as they are being exhibited at Traders Hotel from 1st to 30th June 2016.

The photographs are also available for sale. Proceeds will go to Liter of Light Project to light up the lives of orang asli families. Bonnie has set a modest goal of RM45,000 from the photo sales this year, which will be donated to Incitement's Liter of Light project, sponsored by Mah Sing Foundation. Liter of Light is an international humanitarian movement bringing renewable light to energy poverty areas. Mah Sing Foundation has pledged RM100,000 and together with the targeted RM45,000 photos sales from Bonnie, they will be able to light up the lives of 67 Orang Asli families by installing 135 lights.

If you are keen to purchase the photos from from the exhibition for charity, do contact the Communications Manager of Traders Hotel, Theresa Goh: 
+603 2332 9821

Here's some of the pictures that Bonnie will be exhibiting. You will realise that the pictures are a combination of her keen eye for details, good photography skills and most of all, a love for Mother Nature. 
 King Penguin surrounded by penguins chicks
Elephant seal chatting with King Penguins
Sleepy fur seal
I am hungry Papa. 
King Penguins having a a serious conversation. Did someone get into trouble?

Bonnie shot the photos with much respect for the wildlife and the environment they are in. The philosophy is simple; "First, Do No Harm. There is no native population on the islands, and the team which took us around were polite but firm about their ground rules. We were not allowed to introduce any foreign objects into the environment, nor take anything away. This meant no food, not even a seed, and the ‘take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints’ policy was strictly adhered to.  Our role was to be an observer, to watch the beautiful landscape and wildlife, to respect them, and finally to capture the images for posterity."

Enjoy Bonnie's pictures as they are exhibited in Traders Hotel from 1st to 30th June 2016.  You can also follow her for more updates on She might have impressed you as a cold or sometimes loud person but in real she is really a genuine, warm and no nonsense person.

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